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Aerdine Frostfire by AnnAquamarine Aerdine Frostfire by AnnAquamarine
"Master Aerdine is now pleased. Lets make some... fire, my little girl. You can sit next to me but DON'T touch my hair!"

Another speedpaint in vectors. Good enough as a speedpaint ;)

This's my beloved elf mage Aerdine :heart: At the end of drawning I was listening to Alice Cooper "Poison" so he's so fiery and bad :XD: Anyway, I like him with his fiery appereance. He's a fire mage - can burn everything and do what he wants with enemies...

OC from my World of Warcraft fanfic. I have two fics: one big and seriuos called "Shadowstep" and paralel story with Variette and Aerdine as main characters.
I like the second one, because it's not so sad as "Shadowstep". It consists of several short and fun stories about them.

Name: Aerdine Angahel Frostfire

Race: blood elf

Class: mage/spellbreaker

Age: several hundred years

Origin: Eversong Woods, Goldenmist Village

Descr.: He's very powerfull mage, he can use almost every spell (from frost, arcane to fire, he can do spellsteal, magical shields, polymorph - he loves to polymorph his elf girl Variette :XD: ). In battle he also uses one-handed sword.
He's also a tailor and enchanter, his magical clothes are very famous in Azeroth. A typical blood elf - perfect, beautiful and very very "shy" xD
They met with Variette near Dead Scar: he fought horde of ghouls and saw a powerfull magical explosion of light and something told him to go there. He saw a paladin girl with golden staff, wearing a full plate armor. Her holy spells stir up a billions of shining sparks, healing everything around her. He didn't know why but that image just made him speachless. She turned and saw him surrounded by his magical flames - so he also impressed her. But... after that she always met him everywhere she goes, what made her crazy... also because he wanted her so much and tried to charm her with his true glamour :rofl:
One day (or night) they met again at Lord Saltheril's party and went to the beach at night aaaaaaand.... something happened La la la la   After that they're almost inseparable. Of course she still hates him, but also loves him very much ;P She lost her memories some time ago, he's the only one who steals heart of that superior and inaccesible paladin. She still thinks he treat her like his stylish accesory and he still thinks she will leave him for some reason (for example for her righteous mission to save the world or something).
Anyway, they will have some fun adventures and psychological dillemas. Just need time to write...

Time: 4-5h
Stock used:
BonBon2013 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dobrze, że go stworzyłaś, potrzebujemy silnego maga po swojej stronie...tak w razie czego, wiesz XD
Wielki przystojniak z niego, dodam, że ogromnie podoba mi się jego makijaż oczu xp Hmm, on jest coś jak...Michał Szpak? Długie włosy, makijaż, a przy tym zarost :D 
Rozpływam się nad ognistym tłem, genialna robota !!!
AnnAquamarine Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2016   Writer
Wiesz co, to cienie przy nakładaniu ognia wyszły jak mejkap :D Tera faktycznie to tak wygląda, jak patrzę w dziennym świetle. Kurde... nie wiem czy to poprawiać.
Yhm, zdecydowanie w razie czego się przyda :rofl:

Ehm... to jest ta pewna osoba, o której ci opowiadałam w sobotę :XD: :XD: czy raczej jego inkarnacja w naszym wymyślonym świecie. W oryginale aż tak długich nie ma ;]
BonBon2013 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aaa, czyli przypadek :D? Ale to bardzo ciekawie wygląda, nie poprawiaj ;^; Hje hje, czyli możemy spać spokojnie XD
OMG!!! Ojej to niesamowita sytuacja >w< 
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February 29, 2016
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