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Doctor Who and TARDIS

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The drawing is not mine. Thanks to the artist!

Artist: [link]
Reference to the original image: [link]
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a song of the rock band Placebo "Every me every you" ^^
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this would make a neat Vday card. good work
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Brilliantly awkward and completely perfect body language. LOVE! :love:
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Боже какая милая рисовка))
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Brilliant, love this !!
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My new desktop. :D
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Hey, I'm the artist - and while I appreciate you stating that you did not draw it, it would have been extremely easy for you to find my name and ask permission or give a proper credit link back to me (my old handle was signed on the original image, and 90% of the google searches of it go back to my original post).

This is a nice collage, and I'm glad you liked it enough to use it, but please put more effort into tracking down an artist in the future. You can keep this posted if you link to my deviantart and also to the original image here: [link] If not I would like to request that you remove it. Thank you!
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I added links to you in the description of the collage) thanks), and forgive me.
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Thank you for adding the links! I appreciate it. And no worries. :)
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it doesn't haven't claimed the work as your own its fine
really good find though love it!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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I often make collages of other people's beautiful drawings - I am very grateful to the artists for the drawings
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you are not allowed to post random pictures you find on the internet here. the picture has to be yours, or you have to have permission from the original artist.
just saying
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That is my collage, I do not have permission from the artist, because I found a drawing on the internet by accident and it is I just really liked it. So I decided to make a collage.
I often saw the collages to DA, in which no one has asked permission from the artists.
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I'm sorry but do you have the original artists' written permission to post their work? If not it is considered stolen and that isn't allowed ^^;
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I do not know the artist, and it is written in the caption below the collage), I found a picture on the Internet
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As ~TheMim said you are not allowed to post random pictures you do find on the net on here. It is considered stolen and breaks dA rules. All work submitted must be of your own creation or have written permission stating you have permission by the artist to post it/submit it.
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