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By AnnaPaar
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*** pak inspired by lucid kind :iconpen-and-mouse:
The knitting needle (learning how to dream) fav.me/d5nsv42 ***

wish talk art

anna soooooooooooooooo
serious about art
art art art art...
absolutely terrible!!!

kill me pluck me apart :iconfeathersplz:
smile smile

crazy is fine
crazy is good sign
very very
very :iconwinter--plz:

and ey know what
somebody said to me
(who was it? -- now remember was
3 old women friends --
we had dinner
after not seeing each other for 4 years)
knitting was becoming
all the rage... see
we all pick our old
or new
or found
knitting needles
in a daze
in a haze
creativity :iconsparklyplz:
at once! :earth:

erh? :?

pseudo philosophy fine too
me in it
for ever



later evening ...
anna tells anna:

be less dense

salon salon

be play :icontoyhorseplz:


be less elaborate (iy!)

words words

say easy


be less eager

look out

who see me


be dumb be weak be small


early morning add:

... there's less space for :heart: -- (he)art! :iconnssurprisedplz:
more space for excitement
open wounds

want hope taptap
sink simple smile
daily ground
between us

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Carousel.. Art seems to have something from it... it swirls..
entwines you.. makes you ridiculously happy..

just need to be careful,
not to spin too fast
or we might :puke:

My silliness appears again :iconteheplz:

There's nothing wrong in being serious about Art.. I am, too..

Pseudo-philosophy kind of let me epxpress my deepest thought without that awkward feeling I might be thought crazy.. it's wonderful.. as long as you can use it...

again, the balance..

you.. we.. just need to be silly, at the same time! :lol:

To find the balance.. you see, I'm coming to this point again!
The sense of everything.

You're right! The less..

and the "empty" space will fill with the new,
the better maybe,
or maybe not,

but we won't stay at the same point! :heart:

We need to let the smiles sink..

on our faces :rose:
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now wrote new journal on art :ashamed:
it won't leave me
and all you say here
feels makes more sense :iconeeveethankyouplz:
than any serious
any scratch my head pondering
any turn it this way or that one
... though those are slow tough steps too :stupidme:

ey yes your words make dance :dance: sense :sun:
wild spinning carousel
our crazy our silly
the empty that fills
the new
the joy
... oh the balance :iconswingplz: aha maybe not this one yay


and most of all most of all
the smiles we let sink
on our faces! :D

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I really need to let some smiles "sink on my face" today..:giggle:

Thank you for every single message of yours.. and sorry for replying so late... recently words don't seem to be good friends of mine.. probably I need to clear up the mess in my mind first..
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ayay! :icondango-starfishplz: :hug:
please always take your time
with anything
especially with replying
to anything anna :boing:

... see i feel should be joy
what you feel like doing :flame:
never duty... or politeness...
well, you know these :heart:

and no need answer any
you don't feel like
words can keep hanging around in silence :-)

take very easy my dear, can you? :-)
is when mind soul alive
we need go through big messes at times
those help too...
even if you have clear reason, clear accident i mean
for feeling any hampered, any sad... any bad
these help us...
if messy we can feel mess
if sad we can feel sadness
simply feel them...
they are not tigers that eat us :sun:

erh, tigers? :confused:

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:painter: :stupidme:

:thanks: wish you beautiful december days Ahmad :iconsun--plz:

:hug: :sun:
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möchten reden art
mary christmas to you mein ausgezeichneter freund!
AnnaPaar's avatar

we can always talk about it! :-)
mary feels important to me...
these days
trying find out...
(reading the new book by clarissa pinkola estes
for instance :-))

wish you fine holidays
days towards christmas :icona-christmas-tree-plz:
good new energies after surgery, dear Kanchan! :hug: :sun:
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ey... serendipity synchronicity mild telepathy, Joe :wave: :dance:
without seeing your comment
seconds ago
talk Darren :-)

:thanks: thank you very much for
clear comment...
from :iconcatplanetcat2plz: to :iconcatplanetcat2plz:! :iconcatdanceplz:
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Anna, ich bin mir nicht sicher, was Sie sagen, aber ich weiß, dass es süße Worte ist. :iconkittycatdanceplz:
AnnaPaar's avatar
kannst du deutsch, Joe? :-)
das sieht nicht nach maschinen-übersetzung aus! :thanks:

do you speak german, Joe?
this doesn't look like a machine translation...

ich bin heute ein bisschen kindisch :-) :icontoyhorseplz:

Joe-Maccer's avatar
Nein sprechen ich nicht Deutsch, Anna. Es ist Bing Translator.
Ich sollte es wissen... meine Tochter und ihre Mütter Menschen sind alle aus Deutschland. :D
AnnaPaar's avatar
verstehe :nod: (i see) :-)

looks like it works better than google... :D
maybe i'll try one of these days :boing:

and you know
there are some mistakes but it's perfectly understandable
i mean, it would work to talk back and forth with it :thanks:
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I agree. I have used other translators that were not good at all. :no:
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thank you, it's a great tip! :thanks:
some days ago i tried translate some arab song lyrics
with google
and couldn't understand most of the output...
then fortunately found a human made translation :-)
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[imagine me just check miao! translation in dict.cc :bookdiva:]

because me


fit myself to (he)artful :wave:
:dance:ing snow-man :iconsnowmanlaplz:

always thank you, Darren -- you pak-faster than me! :thanks:

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:iconfoxhappyplz::iconsays1plz: it's :iconbakercatplz::iconbigsissucatplz:'s day! :iconsayscapplz:
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:bounce:s anna! :squee:
low left is
mysterious! :iconcatplanetcatplz::iconbluemoonplz::iconcatplanetcat2plz:
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