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i once had this theory
about 4 approaches
combined out of 2 states

-- they like to do these
in business related sciences ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶
called "portfolio" :lol: --

active active
active passive
passive active
passive passive

was easy associate ideas
with the first three
... but the forth?

hope will dawn :-) :iconmorninggloryplz:
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:iconmorninggloryplz:Interesting picture beautiful colors :iconmorninggloryplz:
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I see that u r quite found combinatorics. :)
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Kind of like a half moon. But is it half purple or half green? Or both? :?

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HOPE WILL DOWN....:iconmorninggloryplz:
:iconfreemanbowplz: and :iconwhiteroseplz:
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You did not answer to that note...I am curious to know what is your opinion. I don't want to force you but I feenk that submission is about dividing or uniting xxx and xxy chromosomes...ha?
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is special smile here
me no words define
... enigmatic, cryptical ... :-)

and always happy you visit, Darren!:dance::sun:
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wish you beautiful weekend! :-) :iconleaf01plz::iconleaf02plz: :sun:
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Interesting pattern/texture, nice work.:D
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thank you very much, dear Tiara! :thanks:
enjoy new weekend!:iconsparklyplz:
... is wonderful weather here these days
i enjoy...
type spring weather... :iconappleblossomplz:
not too hot not too cold
can wander streets and parks
sometimes collect blossoms for tea :-)
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got out of control
got... :wow:

... travels endless Kirke energies

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You planted the seed in my mind, now it is growing. :iconmindblowingplz:
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is very kind words, Peter... you know
and instructive :nod:

... the meme worlds... :iconwinter--plz:
:iconblackholeplz: so moved
moving :flame:
influence each other

thank you for wild new emoticon too! :bounce:
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