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red lagoon garden

By AnnaPaar
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i found a map
-- paper would have worn
stains, yes? :-)

(stains are beautiful)

-- digital is new :icontf2giftplz:
get used to it anna!

... it was the map
of a garden
... walk into
retirement and
new adventure

northwest i found the pond of laughing fish
southeast i found the pond of naked owls
small handbell pavillon lies to the east
island bank of lost air lieutenant to the west
seclude serpent maiden chamber south from there
look around :iconoak-elfglitter:
you sure will
find different :boing:

changing color wide swung currents all around
garden walls are permeable
like live membranes

:iconenjoy-plz: :icontoyhorseplz: :silentkitty:
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Your works always inspire ideas in my mind, which might or might not have something to do with art. :)
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thank you for very kind comment
and is inspires me new courage

always this question always always art...



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Color is very beautiful and enjoyable:iconoak-elfglitter:
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:thanks: :dance:
wish you good new days
fine weekend my friend :sun:
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This is so nice! :D
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thank you very much Alberto! :thanks:
happy you like! :dance:
... enjoy travels red lagoon
and further further
universes... :-)
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Lovely work my friend!
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thank you dear Kanchan! :iconeeveethankyouplz:
wish you :iconappleblossomplz::sun:!
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I'm reminded of a soil map.... Like the pattern and colours.:D
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yes, can see... :nod:
me into maps since long
especially medieval
always small attempts make
can remember it from 9 or 10 years old
tell stories what happens there
while i draw with color pencils...
and always impossible find the right the right
the real thing! ... the ultimate world! :iconcuterainbowplz::bounce:
the very very telling one...

... garden maps are quite different
interesting too... [link]

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Garden maps look interesting too, but I was referring to these kinds of maps:[link].
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yes, i know... i googled to find out :boing:
and agree looks much more like these! :nod:
thank you for link too :thanks:! :-)
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A bird's eye view of a very lush forest, in a very strange and magical world. :)

If one got lost in this forest, Anna, it would be very difficult to find the way out.

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... you could well find a pavilion
or one of places you see
rest there drink tea
or drink something else you find :icondrinkplz:
and so on...
quietly wait dream
till one visits you there talks and shows you special Incognisance way
back to normal normal normal world :-)

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if the forest had all you need, then maybe there would be no desire to return to the normal world. :)

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:nod: :flame:
... hmm see
wisdom overtakes dream... is
and aye can only agree... though reluctantly, you know :-)

Incognisance, i'm deeply thankful to you
for bringing me live wisdom
your balanced beautiful view! :sun:

(zutiefst deeply
dankbar thankful)
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Ich frohe mich, Anna! Alle die zeit. (I meant to say 'all the time', or 'always').

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it's: immer (always)
(Ich freue mich, Anna! Immer.)

hope you had inspiring happy pentecost! :flame:
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Danke, lieber Anna! Du bist immer eine wunderbar teacher! (forgotten teacher! --I'm getting really lazy with learning Deutsch these days ).

Pentecost was good, thanks Anna. How're you?
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der Lehrer
die Lehrerin
(teacher masculine and feminine)

Du bist immer ein wunderbarer Lehrer! :-)

hmm... me this and that... was ill with colds for many weeks
then spring etc
feels like a transition phase
it's ok :-)
-- generally thankful...

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is cat always dance here
in front of my eyes
outside window
strange one...
come in garden visit
dance along strange paths...
meet friends around :-)

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:sleepy:... wish you :shamrock::iconafternoonplz:! :-)
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