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prayer in the desert

By AnnaPaar
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(:snowing:)very nice view (:snowing:)
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what is it
you snow now?
how can this be?
you cold...
looking out anna desert
from a place
where it snows?

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could this be one of the tablets from the lost ark?! but where's the inscription?!

Frohe Ostern, Lieber Anna. Habe ein großartige tag mit vielen Ostern :sun:
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is true inscription would be fine...
need feenk again
dream one for next :boing:


Frohe Ostern, lieber Incognisance! Genieße den Tag! (enjoy the day :-) )
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Danke, lieber Anna! :)

Ich hoffe dir hatte ein großartige Ostern Feier.

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(Ich hoffe, du hattest eine großartige Osterfeier.)

yes, was fine... :nod:
though we had white easter (:snowing:)
(and green xmas... which would be normal for you :-) )
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Green Xmas and white Easter?! Guess the weather is always full of creative surrpises! even nature gets tired of doing the same thing over and over again!

it's always green over here, sometimes slightly brown when the rains stop. And almost always hot!

Have a great weekend Anna! :)
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the wildest wild would be
when starts snowing :snowing: in your place

:wow:... :fear: ...


wish you a beautiful :sun:day!
(Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Sonntag!)
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:D Snow here?! Honestly, Anna, sometimes I wish it would! It gets so hot sometimes you can't wait for it to rain. A few hours of snow once in awhile would be nice.

Of course, there's no telling what that would do to the flora and fauna of this region. Not to mention the people! It won't be long before we start wishing for the :sun: again!
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... :nod:
being too warm in your place maybe feels similar
as being too cold in mine :snowing:
so... i have this childish habit
of not "allowing myself" to complain in winter
so i can complain very freeeeeely in summer
when it gets too hot :iconburningplz:
... during long winters like this past one
i start complaining towards end though... :lol:

would be incredible chaos in your place
if would snow, you know?
surprises me every time
what a chaos bit more snow produces here
where we're all used to it and relatively well prepared
it can stall the whole traffic for instance ...
helpless trams cars etc all around then...

der Schnee (snow)
schneien (to snow)
die Sonne (sun) :-)

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That’s when we especially need a prayer … in the desert.
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oh yes dear Kanchan :nod: :flame:
sometimes go there pray
sometimes land there... pray

thank you for telling! :iconeeveethankyouplz: -- so happy enlivening hear! :sun:

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thank you, dear Hanan, for kind visit :iconflowersplz:
happy you like yes! :dance:
wish you beautiful evening... :iconswingonastarplz:

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totally my pleasure. :hug:
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It reminds me n Epitaph!...Standing on the head side of a holy soul. It belongs to an Amazon or a Palladin...
Nice textures and bright coloring like a dessert sun at the midday. Thanks for sharing :d
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was wondering what prophet Hermetic-Wings would see say here... :flame:
you know...
desert where wanders...
all old new places...
aya! aya! wish you all sunny fine quiet breath :sun:
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Prohpet.?...ha ha ha!
I am always wondering what Anna the magician would create next either...
Hope to see new wanders form you always...Everybody represents epitaphs in moon light, only Magicians can dare to show it in midday
A realist dream can come true when you attempt to submit such things...
thank you for sunshine you sent me...I will let it in...As they did in the link below[link]
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aha :wow:
... your words remind me of
how at the beginning is easier see magic
the other side of things
the quiet
arising schemes, shadows, phantoms, fairies... faint impressions
used to love her... blue mother night...
hide in her cloak
breathe lightly when everybody else breathes in sleep

maybe she can grow roots within us
so we stay quiet any loud day
and see the faint the touching in stark sun
... or maybe is a sun inside us that grows
says hello to other sun outside :sun:

amazing link! :thanks:
... wonder when new hippie culture
will surface :flame::bounce:
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I am on the way to read your message once again...Did not count how many times I did so. You are concentrating many things in a simple pill...
:iconsakuratreeplz: comforting my imagination on a thick shadow of a bloomy tree
I insist to collect tose notes on a book or blogs...We can put our submissions up on the page and then we add our conversations below...I can not answer your notes sometimes, because I will sent them our from my message box...Your last one is one of them...
thanks for your existing :D
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you very kind to me
and there is no better word
although word "kind" is so simple see...


most serious
most easy too...

:iconsakuratreeplz: comforting my imagination on a thick shadow of a bloomy tree

is very beautiful...
maybe can soothe mine too this fever bad cough
... maybe is medicine :-)

me always very happy about your comments
is like we meet in different rooms
each of our images a different room
then conversation finds new ways
most always natural
like a heart brook that jumps small pebbles
bigger rocks
catches sun rays twinkle
sometimes run through dark places
heavier earth...

so lively so fine so refreshing talk with you, dear Ayhan! :thanks: :sun:
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