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from my travels

By AnnaPaar
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travel long way
long curve
out out out
not so easy
then back
-- back!

say hello
to you
with this clumsy
clumsy strangish
iya image

wish you
and hurt -- if must be!
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Glomp! here, air seems to be a liquid, and we live fish lives.
Light also is a fluid, a very sticky fluid.
Nice images Anna, bravo!
Hope everything all right for you and life happy!!Smooooch! 
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A photo album from an adventure in a mysterious world. What treasures did you find there, lieber Anna?! :)
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not sure yet, dear incognisance
it's such a long long journey
step by step
and at the same time
this moment

wish you beautiful hours days
stunden, tage
(die Stunde, der Tag)

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But the journey must never end! Because it is what we live for... to discover new beauty and knowledge everyday until our last.

Ich wünsche dir auch stunden tagen!
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yes so very true
it's what happens to us
to you and me!
and that also tells
why time flies


schöne Sommertage!
(beautiful summerdays)

:wave: :sun:
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Dir auch, leber Anna!
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anna anna anna!
i've spent the day revisiting your old comments
so many of which expand my horizons
& remind me of past seasons

it has been a while & i've missed 
your presence in my thoughts -
well, the long journey continues
& i hope you are fine,
still thinking of ripples & eyelids
choosing universes & finding the oldest woman

this image:
vast stone & spiderwebs
& echoing paths
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yes still here my dear
and revisiting
and breathing
and about to
say something...

thank you for your kind kind words
send you new greetings

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i look forward to your words -
we with our turtle ways, basking
in the sun...

wishing you warm stones to relax upon this evening - morning & afternoon as well - :heart:

glad to see your words among my messages once more! :D
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... as soon as relaxed
at computer
we have all time
is fine...

so much adventure!
enjoy summerdays ada! :iconflowerhdplz:

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mmm, & glad for the adventures of those summerdays -
love that word, as you put it!

hope for relaxing 
before the changes of autumn. :heart:

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Wonderful work dear Anna!Heart Love 
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Photos wonderful but darkness I ziz sumtin 
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hi my dear
hope everything fine
time flies flies flies
you know :-)

and find some more
flower butterflies colors... sky
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This is gorgeous.
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Wish you inspiration
feeling, joy
Love! - It must be! :heart:

These images look like an entrance to the Heaven
Or into the Void!
Have you stepped in? 
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... oh you very kind, you know! :-):rose:

... even when :devil:
stepped into layers layers confusion
split worlds open
all kinds lights and shadows
all kinds colors
of emotion too
all kinds possibilities
human invention
and and and

wish you!!! inspiring new day :iconsparklesplz::sun::iconsparklesplz:
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I would say about me I´m a Reminder:
since I´ve discovered love, cannot stop to talk about it! :love: In case someone forgets, me +click on Rewind and Love is remembered again! Good feeling in this. This world´s synonym is no other than Love! ;)

yeah, been in both places and, to tell you the truth, I still cannot say what´s the difference between them: sometimes void is true heaven and the other way round. That´s why I asked if you stepped in too! Descriptions from another point of view needed! :rose:

Wish you...heaven! :heart:

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Glad to see you back from your travels Anna, I was getting lonely! :iconcryplz:
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oh you know, that is the word...
the very important one: lonely!

aya big world big life big landscapes
many many many
images... i need visit your views! :bounce:


all :iconblackcatlove-plz: island say hello!!! :boing: :sun:
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great work Anna
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