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dream fire

By AnnaPaar
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dance flower


start boil
-- ... evanescent

parents: [link] and [link]
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I love this. It looks interesting in a normal view. It does in a full view, as well. It makes me think! :lol:
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sorry, me bit confused today seems :-)
you know what happened?
something strange funny too
first time happens to me like this
and fits this image quite well
(as well as its "parents", "dance fire" "dream flower")
i answered your comment here
as if you had made it
on "when we met" [link]
now turns out
i cannot simply transfer my answer (below)
to your comment on "when we met"
because your comment there
is another one as here! :lol:
dance fire, dream flower and dream fire
are interleaved in a similar way...

na, sorry for muddle in exam times! :forgiveme:
ala! :icontoyhorseplz:

thank you dear Zel for bearing with me -- hope can! :hug:
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Of course I can, dear Anna! And I love to! ;) :tighthug:
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you very kind, dear Zel! :iconhexstarplz:
-- look what a strange emoticon
-- new one -- added! :-)
right now
when exams time! omg...
-- of course hope all goes fine -- :flame:

yes, try make them a shape
for normal view and full :sherlock: view...
... constellations...
all that happens simultaneously
... we listen to type teeming, soothing background noise...
today read this image:
"he heard the rustling
of old leaves being moved
by growing grass and melting snow"
... very slow... makes these sounds though... :iconslowdownplz:
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Whoa! This one is so out-of-this-world! :giggle:

These words are beautiful.. yet so simple, they're actually about something ordinary..

let's find the beauty in ordinary things, haha! :heart:

That's not a big deal to find magic in magic..

but later, heh! What a satisfaction..:star:
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Zel, thank you for beautiful comment my dear! :iconeeveethankyouplz:
you know... you teach me
is true :nod: :flame:

yes... you show me and is true what you say
they are about something ordinary
so fine get aware
so fine get aware
thank you for finding image and telling :-)
i was happy
and now even happier :hug:

enjoy :sun:day! :iconstocking-wishes-plz:

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Enjoy your every day, dear Anna :giggle: And stay happy..:sun:
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thank you, Darren,
you send more fire to dream! :flame:

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you are welcome Anna
AnnaPaar's avatar
enjoy :sun:day, Darren! :dance:
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you enjoy the day also Anna
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Lovely effects and colours, looks warm.:D
AnnaPaar's avatar
thank you, dear Tiara! :iconeeveethankyouplz:
feels like spring here now
leaves came out of trees so fast
wish you a beautiful refreshing :sun:day! :iconsparklyplz:
TiaraShin's avatar
Yeah, trees and plants are finally blossoming here too.:D
AnnaPaar's avatar
super fast spring now :sprint:
hope stays a while :iconpurplewispplz: :boing:

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