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dragons play

By AnnaPaar
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today saw
dark fin-shaped waves
crowned with lacey foam

then saw a curtain
made of glass beads
sun rays illuminate colors

then found myself
resting on dragon flank
delicate belly skin
relax protected
mid forest

and saw dragon face
soft snout to caress
tender eyes

there's a twinkle
of laughter in them :-)

... find dragon
loose myself farther
old scattered land
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A garden snail looks with tenderness at his/her mate after browsing plenty marijuana plants 
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snail shed shell
naked snail skin snail soul
always look tenderly
at mate :-)

and this one what
marijuana plants
strange colorful mists

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thank you, dear Kanchan
and me waiting for lovely flow again :-)

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This is beautiful Anna, and your words so endearing.. :iconflowerhdplz:
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thank you dear Dove :iconeeveethankyouplz:
for kind kind visit
bring me shining yellow flower
happy me! :hug:

... feels bit when quest becomes heart...
(hesitated -- because maybe cryptic :stupidme: --
then write these bit cryptic for you :heart:
smiling fuzzy read :-))
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cryptic is necessary sometimes, lovely sprite. :iconhappysunplz:
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nice color wwww amazing:D
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aha aha we write same time you know? :bounce:


thank you for visit :thanks:
for kind words
inspiring comment :iconsparklyplz:
as always
friend! :hug:
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An other window open on Anna's visions !
Nice view around here !
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:thanks: ... now starts be visions is true :boing: :flame:
"working" on one which seems to be
a messy map
of red lagoons
right now

and just found these dragons [link]
no idea why one would want fight kill?
... as has been said how evil they are (supposed to be)... :no:


wish you happy :iconafternoonplz: Jo! :iconpoppy3plz::sun:
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I like it! has a painterly feel about it. I really like your dragon impression this reminds me a journey towards destiny some how... :lol: I know I am a hopeless romantic :D
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thank you! :iconeeveethankyouplz: :icongiveflowerplz:

... yes destiny feel... :nod:
burning invitation :flame:
wander ...
follow song deeper forest
(sometimes afraid... )

hopeless? hmm hmm
wouldn't be maybe hopeless not be romantic? :confused:
... and yes can see in your images :dance:

wish you :painter: inspiration... :frail: daydream :sun:
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I didn't mean it's hopeless it's just a saying an English saying meaning I a sucker for the fine things in life...
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yes, can see :nod: :thanks:

feel romantic often appears uncool
it's straight forward
exposed too
no armour no place hide
very naive somehow
when other shrinks back can loose balance
or maybe says: "wasn't meant like this..."

can feel like high stakes too
when maybe is only what heart says
what heart tells me do
... in most any life situation
... beyond erotic love

see, sounds uncool... is? :?
:ashamed: :flame: :iconcuterainbowplz:

... was looking prehistoric
signs and patterns on plain ceramics
feenk you would like :-)

:iconenjoy-plz: new day! :sun:
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yup I do like prehistoric art I find it so ancient but so modern I often wonder if this has not all happened before and we are living in an cycle of patterns, maybe even from the time of the dinosaurs maybe our spirits have been battling, living and loving all through out time.... ???

Yes totally agree, but I think this is the truest way to be no pretension just pure honesty, it's so rare these days...
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in the books i'm reading these days
these symbols are considered "matriarchal"
and they (writers) dream of new age of similar ways to look at life
me unsure yet...
was wondering if there was matriarchy and now there is patriarchy
why would there need to be any .....archy at all?
we all ever evolving
can see that well in images at dA too
ever change

also agree with you on cycles
maybe is as we depend on life on nature
and is cyclic
in many aspects...

saw some egyptian images
feenking that you're interested in these too
and just found [link]

and this made me pay attention:
some egyptian symbols were originally formed with ropes
a type "rope language"

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There is a great book written by Marja Gymbutas called "The Goddess in Old Europe" very great writer! Like her approach if you get a chance check her out maybe you know this already...

Hmmm well with people someone wants to be in charge. I think it has to deal with clans and tribes so you know to whom you belong to it's like a bigger family.

Yes cycle circles etc. I have this idea that: "A line become a circle in infinity"

yes Egypt is always close to my heart :)

are you taking about cartuches the magick ropes around names?
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:iconenjoy-plz: new day! :sun:
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Kinda has a twilight feel to it, interesting effects and colours.:D
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:thanks: :dance:
... twilight clearing...
find dragons play


wish you beautiful inspiring new day! :sun:
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