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cat fish

By AnnaPaar
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float sink
fall back
... aha
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is very amazing
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thank you :sun:
is very kind...
we often surprised
by images
own too, yes?
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Great sphere - mystic and deep
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ey, danke sehr! :dance: :thanks:
jetzt hast du's für mich "aufgewertet"
weisst du das? :-)
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Das freut mich echt, Madal! Schlaf gut, später...
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du auch! :iconswingonastarplz:

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This reminds me of a microscope. But it could be a macro scope too.
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:iconeeveethankyouplz: for input! :bounce:

... inside outside hard tell apart
big big worlds
both sides
echo each other
dance with each other

... lala our cells the long stretched mountains and taptap

wish you good new day! :sun:
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"Darkest part of the deepest seas...
Once there were a cat fish...pretending to be alone there but share it's little world with many others. .."... THATS WHAT the Candid Mother saw when she looked at the screen of ultra sonography machine instead of her dear baby...
Thanks for sharing...:highfive:
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need add
... is you saw the dark... :flame:
do you know the paintings by hieronymus bosch? [link]
cat fish here reminds me bit of him... :-)
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I am aware about Heieronimus Bosh, and I am a fan of his extra ordianary vision of our daily life. His compositions contains such details seems crazy but, presents the devilish looks of our normal way of doing things ( according to me) Now I am going to visit those "cat fish" of you to search for some Hieronimic impuls at it...
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hieronymus bosch was one of my favorite painters
for long for long still admire of course
now not so much great favorite painters anymore
watch many images at dA
find deeper connection to friend images
like Ayhan images
find current soul... talks to me... and so on :dance::icongiveflowerplz:

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:blush: I am so honored to be remembered by one of the most talented artist of the Europe and the most special style of the history of art...My friend's warm heart that carries me to a kind of immortality
:flame: :flame: :flame:
and ı am really thank you so much. Please accept my deep apprecaition...
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aha omg
you dark fantasy
ala mother need be strong
and and...
her belly float connect deep deep deep
intangible worlds
travel find ... anna... Ayhan... :iconbluemoonplz::iconfeathersplz:
other wondrous

thank you for your beautiful refreshing insight! :sun:
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Sometimes ı am feeling sorry. Becasue when I see you submit something ı skip it to a better time. Becasue I want to spend some more time to search for that and put a meaningful comment. So ı am wasting time...
And when I read your answre ı am enviying beacsue of your comfort of findinfg proper words to answer and quick way to manage your ideas...Childish,minimalist, irregular and spesific...:clap:
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you always very kind, very thoughtful
and is true often your comments
simply make my words float fly to you
because they touch soul :flame:
and other times also takes me long time answer
happens when you write long moving comment
and i feel cannot answer adequately now
need wait good inspiration, energy
and so on
then sits in open comment box for some days
often long
one day i reread other day reread
sometimes take up much later
and that moment is precisely right :bulletyellow:
your words tell me new for that very moment
... see all those are bit like "oracles" too
or "dream messages"
... on inner truth layers...
thank you for all you say to me, dear Ayhan! :iconbluemoonplz: :iconfeathersplz:

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As I see we are feeling the same...
That's make me very happy also...
I will be here to talk to you on my way of submitting photographs and create a kind of artistic friendship...
Now it's the time to return back to the submission. I will go and prepare a new photograph. Then I will visit your gallery to find some new things top talk about...
Wish you healthy days to create many many new things...please ride your :icontoyhorseplz: towards to the new adventures of reflecting your romantic logic...
:icondreamplz: :iconcloudsplz: :iconcloudsplz: :iconcloudsplz:
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oh yes, romantic logic... :nod: :flame:
if we had second book
and no no wishbook is the one!!!
would be about ... romantic logic
was feenking make some emoticons
laaaazy slow though :iconslowdownplz:
one could be about romantic logic
what would such emoticon look like? :?

just went your gallery
find out whether had missed submission...
and no...
waiting for new Ayhan image :iconsparklyplz:... :-)
Hermetic-Wings's avatar
Canan got a little operation on a hospital in Istanbul. So I submit an old photo of her. I think you saw it...And I am planning to submit some flowers recently. Hope you will like it too much also...
We must arrange a special book for our language that we create between us. Romantic logic would be an important article in it...And when it grows much and covers many special ideas to explain with it then we can arrange another book for romantic logic...Lets collect the ideas till that day :D
AnnaPaar's avatar
hope Canan is fine and was easy operation! :nod::iconoak-elfglitter:

just went see your gallery
whether maybe missed flower picture
i get inbox thumbs one by one now (not on stacks)
thus could happen i miss one...
but didn't up to now
because your images normally jump at my eyes :-)

thank you for great book bonanza, dear Ayhan! :thanks:
like hear :dance:
also was feenking make book icon
still too lazy though seems
always act on (strong) "impulse"

romantic logic is something
we have written in heart
than babble as moment tells
almost as if words would dance out
stumble sky clouds flowers...
maybe would be book with images and
some of these words...

now i dare say something dear Ayhan
didn't dare yet because feel is silly "push inspiration"
you need do whatever feel like :camera::flame:
then is best... :bulletyellow:

... still tell you :-)
i imagine Ayhan picture of hidrellez wishes...
have this strange maybe totally inaccurate view
of you walk spring field or meadow
and find wish of old lady hanging on soft young tree branch
maybe is even blossoming

please take as small anna fantasy
... is a strange one
new type
anna imagine Ayhan picture in fantasy :boing:

bit silly but shows how likes your images! :sun:
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katzenauge sieht alles zwinkert nie und hypnotisiert dich ehe du dich versiehst!
('versehen' ist auch so ein abgründiges wort!:)
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deine abgründigen worte! :airborne:
aprilzeit lala
das sind falltüren
öffen sich
wir fallen
in die nächste welt


lassen... sein lassen... sein... ... ein tanz
himmel hölle fegefeuer feld wald höhle
-- katzenhütte!
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Cat fishes make poems in bubbles.
Normal, they can't speak nor write.
Cat fishes in their bowl have the right to express their emotion too !
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you sorcerer
thus i know
you know some
i don't know

and from your words
find oh is
cat fish world! :wow:

... crows still leave
their foot prints
in snow here

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