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Kit-cat courtin
She's a twisted kitten
I'm a junkyard cat
a romance of claws and spittin
but baby knows I like it like that
She's a diamond collar girl
makes me feel like a bum
man, she's creme de la creme
and it rolls off her tongue
She's one of a kind
nothin short of a dime
no stricken kitten was ever so smitten
as me, as me with mine
it's gasoline and pearls
stalkin through alleyways
an open door to the dancefloor
only one face in my gaze
now there's a sight that starts a fire
a silky, sleek, tooth-bared grin
arched backs and wicked claws
I give in, kitten, you win.
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Lost poem
I fill my life with myriad things
and none of it means a jot.
Bows to strings
boasts to sing
and it's all so much bullshit
Satisfaction maybe
tools for attraction
but in the end
only distraction
From the creeping void
the paniced noise
of being all alone
Slick eyed sweat
without companion
and it chases them away
I surround myself with myriad things:
bows with strings
the boasts I sing
Tools to attraction
all futile
in the face of absence.
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Fifteen minutes gone
pen in shaking hand
writing on till roll
and paperbacks
I held your wine
and stared into its depths
placed it in the fridge
to keep it fresh
like memories of you
in my hand
tongue still sore
held by teeth
chattering to scream
Wait! Stay!
lets take bad photos
and talk till we're sick
of company
still you would go
with no backwards look
still i would watch
tortured till the door slams
left to close my
warm and weary eyes
praying you be stranded
in ash
free to visit me again.
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Ane lad Ane lass pairt 3
Ane lad wakes, years efter, sighin and crumpl't, fae a dream ay a lang lang summer.
Ane lad wakes, years efter, bro'en an weepin, fae a dream ay a cauld dairk room.
Pushin up fae the grun, clearin streaks fae cheeks, yet anither day. Keep distractit wi biggin lies ay purpose fae beer an wurk an laughin. Keep empty fae exhaustion an blackoots an hopes ay nae dreamin.
Ane lad sees ane lass. Nae beer nor wurk nor lies kin stoap the sink, The memories ay summer an autumn. The hope that efter life he micht hae a ne'erendin day or an immortal nicht.
Ane lad hides his face. Streaked cheeks an crumpl't lines spill secrets tae ane lass.
"I still luve you.".
:iconannanias:annanias 1 0
Ane lad Ane lass pairt 2
Twa folk. Ane lad, Ane lass. A cauld, dairk autumn nicht. Cool sheets, cauld air, hot skin. Twa weans, dial tae dial oan a single bed.
Bro'en windae, saggin springs and the dreep dreep dreep ay the bro'en biler, conspirin tae keep ane lad an ane lass awake.
Ane lad nivver noticed, tracin ane lasses ootline wi nichtblindet fingers. Inhalin her exhale an bathin her in kisses.
Ane lass sighed sweetly an turned, matchin her form tae ane lads boady. A fist wi fingers entwin't clutchet tae the chist fur support. The first ever cry an response nichtly prayer.
"I luve ye.".
:iconannanias:annanias 1 0
Ane lad Ane lass pairt 1
Twa folk. Ane lad, ane lass. A lang lang summer day.
Hot sun, cool shade, cauld beer. Twa weans relaxin oan a recliner, washed by saft music fae ben the hoose, tae young tae ken whits happenin, but feelin aw the same.
Lang talks, langer silence. Smiles, an chists risin one aginst the ither aginst the ither aginst the ither.
The sweet sensation ay simply bein, simply livin.
Clutchet close, saft kisses warmin goosebumps till clouds pass. Clutchin closer.
Nerves and thochts and hairts aflame, the safe, unspoken kenin that,
"I think I luve ye.".
:iconannanias:annanias 1 0
One boy One girl part 3
One boy wakes, years past, sighing and crumpled, from a dream of a long long summer.
One boy wakes, years past, broken and weeping, from a dream of a cold dark room.
Pushing up off the ground, clearing streaks from cheeks, yet another day. Keep occupied with building lies of purpose from beer and work and laughter. Keep empty by exhaustion and blackouts and the hope of not dreaming.
One boy sees one girl. No beer or work or lies can stop the sink. The memories of summer and autumn. The hope that after life might come a neverending day, or an immortal night.
One boy hides his face. Streaked cheeks and crumpled lines spill unspoken truth to one girl.
"I still love you.".
:iconannanias:annanias 1 0
One boy One girl Part 2
Two people. One boy, one girl. A cold dark autumn night. Cool sheets, cold air, hot skin. Two kids, face to face on a single bed.
Broken window, sagging springs and the drip drip drip of a broken boiler, conspiring to keep one boy and one girl awake.
One boy barely noticed, tracing one girl's outline with nightblind fingers. Inhaling her exhale and bathing her in kisses.
One girl sighed sweetly and turned, matching her form to one boys body. A fist with entwined fingers, clutched to the chest for support. For the first ever call and response nightly prayer.
"I love you.".
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One boy One girl Part 1
Two people. One boy, one girl. A long long summer day.
Hot sun, cool shade, cold beer. Two kids lounging on a recliner, washed by soft music from the house, too naive to know what's happening, but feeling all the same.
Long talks, longer silences. Smiles, and chests rising one against the other against the other against the other.
The sweet sensation of simply being, simply living.
Clutched close, soft kisses warming goosebumps till clouds pass. Clutching closer.
Nerves and thoughts and hearts aflame, unspoken knowledge that,
"I think I love you".
:iconannanias:annanias 0 0
Darkness now and agony. A fire in my bones.
I've dreamed a dream, a dream of death, not all of it my own.
Too far gone to struggle, though he has me by the throat.
Too weary now to answer, things I could not know.
Eyes open to a demon, plain for all to see.
Dark halo slipped down to his neck, burns him as he burns me.
Into dust.
Please, God, into dust.
:iconannanias:annanias 2 0
The ghosts are out in force tonight
silent convergence on midnight
the closes and kirks are empty
the foot of the mile is still
the Holy Rood has taken to ground
wraiths are gathering on the hill
I sat in trembling wonder
took a lashing from the rain
saw strange twinkles shaping symbols
searched for her in fever again
Two bootfulls of mud
a skinfull of water
a head full of fire
and two souls asunder
breathing stalled, I seek one out
among those milling on the crest
who holds me in her gentle thrall
though life has stilled within her chest
how to tell one
willed wisp from another?
ane lost life
from it's brother?
the dancers moved in single file
I could not help but shed a tear
frustration, hurt and loss entwined
again, still lost, she dissapeared
with shining hands
raised to Heaven
in greeting, threat
or supplication
gone to dust once more
she faded from my sight
left me to mournful memories
but haloed by city lights
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There was a silence there, and darkness,
but no one was afraid
Then a rustle bloomed in gloom, breath
upon a young boy's face
Tender grip laid on his wrist. Into his
hand a box, a secret
The secret tune, part lullabye, part love
gentle and commanding
Then the boy rose hands up, heart up,
soul up. Deep into the dark
They left his box, his shoes, his socks.
For angels sing, and barefoot walk.
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Last link
I still have it, that note,
the letter you wrote
when we were on the rocks
That letter you thought
might save us. after you'd
wiped him from your mouth.
its still there, tucked
in a quiet corner of my wallet
two years since. still unread.
from time to time,
when down in my cups,
i take it out and stare at it.
but it will be a cold day
before i unfold it.
i wanted to, back then
but everything was too...
fresh, i suppose. and now
theres no point. those words
have no weight, no meaning
left. offers of love
mean nothing bewteen strangers
and we are now, arn't we?
im not bitter or resentful
not after so long,
this isn't even a knock
its a confession, on my part
an unburdening even.
i wont throw it away
but i wont keep it close
just carry it with me.
my only ever love letter.
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Mature content
Waking: 17/02/2012 :iconannanias:annanias 1 2
Girl from Dreamscape city
My angel comes to me
swathed in concrete
her sandstone heart
porous and brittle
from the rain
at twilight she dances
right through till dawn
between birl and confession
i hear whispers
come to me my jon
lets walk a while in silence
right out in to the fields
live while we're alone
in bright dewdrops
make ourselves a home
my angel's will is broken
and she has never flown
I wait and watch
to keep her safe
till she wakes the world of stone
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Worlds turn around us
"Shh darlin
mon, let me haud ye."
Step in to my arms
feel their strength,
a promise of safety
of respite
settle your cheek
to my shoulder
close your eyes
and push hard against
my chests rise
and fall.
I embrace you
coccoon you with the
power of piteous love
wrap my flesh around you
to keep the world at bay.
to salvage You.
A kindness of love
to block from you
this grey, listless,
lashing world.
take its blows upon my back
smiling inwardly
at you
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ALTARS BY NIGHT by kevissimo ALTARS BY NIGHT :iconkevissimo:kevissimo 52 20 Forgotten and Diseased by corvidius Forgotten and Diseased :iconcorvidius:corvidius 6 3 Edinburgh in winter 10 by sunnywigan Edinburgh in winter 10 :iconsunnywigan:sunnywigan 1 0 Edinburgh in winter 12 by sunnywigan Edinburgh in winter 12 :iconsunnywigan:sunnywigan 3 1 Edinburgh in winter 4 by sunnywigan Edinburgh in winter 4 :iconsunnywigan:sunnywigan 1 0
After Words
"I wish you would give it back to me."
"Why? You'll just break it again."
"It's my heart. I will do whatever the hell I want with it."
"Yeah? Well, you take terrible care of things that are yours."
"Fine. Keep it. I am equal parts concrete and soul anyway."
"You say that, but I'm not entirely sure that you are. I think you're deep, and fragile and broken, and that makes you beautiful."
"Again, concrete and soul. "
"I wish you wouldn't make this so hard."
"So hard? I'm making this easy. You gave me dreams of half feathered swans and a stupid house on an endless beach and a city made of an ocean, and now you're taking it all away. But at least I had them for a while."
"Don't…be that way."
"I am going to be awake every single night and wish for a shooting star, so I can wish upon that shooting star to wish thoughts of you away."
"I wish this could be easier on you. You gave me so much and so many too."
"So much of love and so many wishes?"
"No, so much wishing and so many love
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at the last poetry reading i did, i described both my poetry and the state of mind i am in when i write as "a very personal madness". This phrase has been moving around my head for a while now and has become a slight obsession. i have begun to write less poetry and more monologues around this theme. i have bought a new blank book which i am going to be using to write these in. i have begun to write a little foreword in it which is as much to keep my mind in the theme as much as it is an explanation to anyone i let read from the book. it goes as follows:

"Of late i have discovered a new obsession: Madness.
The subtlety of psychosis
The grace of loathing
The creeping cruelty of compulsion
The eloquence of paranoia"

This is not finished but it is a start, a key in the door to how my cogs have been turning recently. i hope this new chapter in my writings will be enjoyable for those reading and for me.
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