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Camila Melodia High Def Unrigged MMD Model



This is for my tutorial on !…
I love this model, but there's a big issue . . . Having it up in PMXe eats up about 500mb of memory . . . whoops.

I'm including the Blend File and the PMX file so that anyone who wants to use a super high poly model can have all the fun they want!

It's unrigged because . . . 500mb of memory . . . ouch . . .

If you use it, maybe link to the tutorial it was made for ;)
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You don't need that many levels of subdivision.  Try it with fewer levels.  I think you'll see you can cut the vert count fourfold without affecting the model's appearance.

As you can tell, high poly models are a pain in the ass to work with.

Note that there are still plenty of ways to weight this, regardless of vert count.  Weight transfer (data transfer modifier).  Linear gradients.  Parent to armature with automatic weights.  Most weighting doesn't involve painting individual verts.