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Does anyone know the best place to advertise free services? I want to do OTOs for my youtube channel (free for the first pitch, ko-fi donation required for subsequent pitches of VCV) and mixing commissions for free as long as I'm allowed to upload the process of making them to my YouTube channel also. (Mixes must already have the vocals lined up and exported as their own audio files (separate files for main and harmony for example) to mix in with the off-vocal.) I don't make my own voicebanks anymore, so I don't want to run out of content. Even before I quit twitter, NO ONE would ask me to do anything for them there.
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UTAU Secret Santa! Sign up before the 8th to be selected for the first round, and before the 15th to be selected for the second! (First round and second round run concurrently with the exception of start date) Sorr...
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Hi there! I have a long list of things I need to do, but I want to start the wheels turning. Getting everything sorted from a "legal" standpoint may take a really long time, and I don't like down time. I'm thinking about writing a novel featuring Overseas UTAUs. No plot or anything yet because I have no idea who will consent to have their UTAUs included. Send me a note if you're interested in your UTAU being included!
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I'm getting the error ArgumentOutofException whenever I try to use UV editor.
That error happens even with the updated plugin.
The issue with the Hello Nurse model was really simple. You didn't include the eyes when you exported the model from Blender. Exporting it to PMX with MMD_Tools fixed it no issues. The bones are still going to be an issue, because all of the bones are set to Move when they shouldn't.

As far as the Minnie Mouse model, the Blend file you gave me has no shape keys, meaning no facials. You would need to create the facials on your own. The model has face in its bones which allows the expression to be changed using those bones, however. It is possible to use the bones in her face to make the shape keys in Blender, as you can see here:…

I never use the UV editor in PMX because using it in Blender is so much easier and nicer. I do believe it's possible that you need to redo the UV map for both Minnie and Hello Nurse's eyes. 

Part of the reason that these models may crash PMX Editor for you is because they are really big. The Ver2 Hatsune Miku that comes with MMD has 22,961 faces. A pretty complex model like Tda式改変唄音ウタ・デフォ服 only has 43,913 faces. The Hello Nurse model has 162,088 faces. I had no issues, but I'm not using a notebook. 

I'd love to write an article for LearnMMD to answer every question you have with pictures, but first I'll need to know where you got the models from so that they can be credited properly, and I'll need you to take some time to think of every single question you might need answered. 

Sorry for the delay - I had to wait until I had the bandwidth to download the models. 
Can you send the fixed Hello Nurse?

I'd like to take a closer look on her.
I accidentally didn't export the original bone structure, but I can show you how the model looks when the materials are exported through MMD Tools, as opposed to how you originally did it. I would 100% recommend remaking the bone structure in PMX. I've tried converting Blender bones to PMX and it was more headache than just making them in PMX. All facials are preserved, so all you need to do is adding the bones and weighting if you want to take that route.

I included an extra texture just to prove that the eye issue is just a matter of the UV map being off.…
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oops thought I was watching you already! Fixed!
Hey, just wanted to let you know, I really appreciate it when you bring Blender add ons and tutorials to my attention, it's a great way for me to take a look at techniques and stuff.  Thanks!
Awh :D !!! I'm so glad to hear :3 ! Next time I see something really cool Blender related, you'll be the first I show :D