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Frost and Stories: part 50
    "I feel like I'm in high school again and writing secret notes using The Unknown as the letters."  I stared at the makeshift alphabet Pitch had whipped up that was closer to Japanese characters than the English alphabet.  More than one vowel next to each other had a completely different character than the two that made it up and different sounds for the same letters had different ones as well.  It was way more to figure out than I'd originally thought and I was so beyond frazzled.
    "I don't know what that means."  Pitch peered over my shoulder, scrutinizing my practice writing.  "Your script is too sloppy, use more precision when you write."
    I rolled my eyes, mumbling under my breath that I'd precision something.  I'd been at this for a few hours now and I was still way too far away from understanding this that I'd wanted to be.  "You know, I just asked to know how to read it, not how to write it."
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Frost and Stories: part 49
    A few weeks had passed since the news had broken loose.  The twins had by then officially moved into Santoff Claussen so I had the Treehouse to myself.  And, you know... after all the chaos that had been going on for the past six months - or so - it was weird for it to be quiet.  I'd just spent five years all alone by choice and now after the ruckus, it felt empty.  I'd decided that I wanted to try and find a way to play music in my own house, at least to try and fill the silence.  Recently, some scientists with musical backgrounds had discovered that the rings of trees could work like records to play notes.  It got my mind spinning.
    "Hey, Big Guy?  Can you sing?"  I had my hand on the inside of the staircase's wall.  Now, I didn't mean sing literally, more like humming, but still, I wanted to know if it was possible.  I'd always wanted to have a sound system but I never wanted to try and run wires or an
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after listening to the auditory one, I kindof want to upload it to my ipod and have it on repeat so I can see what it's really like, 3 ...

One of the first things I noticed, unfortunately, was an issue, the bounty hunter's head looks off, I feel that, had you moved her head...

The first thing I noticed is that they're painting on their bed, and I thought "Who does that!!... wait a min... I do ^^;" I feel you nee...

I love the concept and the way you have done the pic. However, I fell that, since the wolf is lit from behind, there should be a small ...



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Alright, so, At the current time, Requests are CLOSED. Trades are negotiable. Commissions will be opened as soon as I'm done with my current list of to-do's.
    So, I realized that it's been almost a full year since my last journal, but that's because life's been pretty boring having to adult every day - but that's okay because today I have AMAZING news!!

    Okay, to digress a little and remind everyone of my fanfic Frost and Stories, my first time ever bragging about views and such was  Happy tears... just happy tears.    So, I know that some of you who've read this may have read my rotg fanfic Frost and Stories.  Well, those who've read from the beginning, will know that the main character, Story, is basically me.  It was intended ad a personal self-insert to begin with, but eventually erupted into it's current twisty plot.  So, now I consider Story to be a separate entity to myself... who is exactly like me in every way, has my name, my face, and personality.
    So whenever people compliment the fic and say "Story is an interesting/funny/cool/etc. character" I'm just here like :iconohuplz:, cause I'm basically getting complimented on my personality... which many have found not to their liking (screw you too assbutts who I hope die a horrible death of fire and pain).  But anyway, aside from dA, I have been posting it to, which has rewarded great results.  I have 2 favorites on the story, 6 follows, and so far, 1 r
, and then when I hit my one year anniversary  WOOHOO!!!    Woo-freaking-Hoo!  You guys don't even know!
    Okay, so, anyone who saw my last journal will know I flipped out because I'd hit 400 views on Frost and Stories.  Since I'd hit that marker, I decided that my goal for myself was to hit 100 views in one month alone.  May was two views short and I was about ready to tear my hair out in frustration.  I haven't told anyone about the goal I set for myself because I didn't want that to influence the amount of views FnS got, so I suffered in silence.  However, June rolled around and I got another chance at that 100 views goal.  On the 15th I had 50 views, right on schedule.  Half the month done, half the views I needed.  Well, not only did I get 100 views that month, but I got more than that!  I got 129 views in one freaking month!  (As well as 101 in July wi
 I was ecstatic because I had more views and because I was getting such a positive response in general.  I again bragged about views  Frost and Stories    Okay, so you guys remember how happy I was back in march when I'd reached 400 views on FnS over on    And then how freaking ecstatic I was in august, you know the day after my one year anniversary of writing FnS?  
    Well, for those of you who haven't read those journals, and/or are too lazy to go read them now, I'll sum up what they were about.  The first was me flipping out about how I'd reached 400 views for the story and that it was international because I had readers in countries other than the U.S.  And the second was me excited because I had 850 views at that point in time and that I'd reached a personal goal I'd set for myself of getting 100 views in one month.  Well I'm writing this journal to give you guys an update that has me almost spazzing in happiness :iconspazplz:  Here, I'll list the cooless out:
    1. Last m
 when I got to this point  Something to be Thankful for    So, my previous journal was, in general, me :iconsqueeeeplz:ing because of 108 views in one day.  Well, now that the month is over, here's the grand total of views: 432 views.  And 152 different people read it on  218 of the views came from the 60 individuals who phoned in from the U.S.  The least views on any chapter was 3, and that was a chapter that was really a lot of little filler scenes so I can't blame anyone for not lingering on that one.  Chapter 1 had 108 views all by it's lonesome, which tells me that my description of the story is enough to catch people's interest^^  I have over 1,550 views on my story since it's debut last August.  
    So... for it's first month after graduating from a Guardians of Childhood fanfic, to a RotG one... FnS has more than lived up to my expectations of it.  It demolished my expectations.  As the story has grown, so have my
 I started setting goals for myself - ambitious ones.  I wanted more than a dusty corner of the internet fanfic, I wanted there to be people out there - not necessarily a lot of them, but people nonetheless - who had found my story and fallen as in love with it as I am with my favorites.  And the most recent I've spoken of it, has been  New Milestone Beeeches!        So four months shy of two years after posting this journal , I have reached a new milestone.  Drumroll please...
    :onfire:  O. M. G. Happy days are here at last!  
    At the time that journal was posted there were 29 chapters and I had around 2,700 or so views.  I was jumping with joy back then but now?  Oh, now i'm almost pissing myself - but with relief.  In the past two years since that journal I've only posted four chapters.  And the last two were this month.  Up until I posted the most recent chapters I was sitting at around 4,200 or so views.  It was stagnant with one or two people happening upon the story and devouring what was there every now and again but with nothing new, it was pretty still.  However, I have gotten a new job - again - and it's at a used book store, I'm processing the inbound shi
 which was published over a year ago.  I was excited to have reached one of the goals I had set for myself (5,000 views) and at the time I was ridiculously happy about it.  Well, since then, I have gotten to a pace where I have been publishing a chapter a month for most of this past year without any hiccups (aside from NaNoWriMo eating up my life).  I am currently sitting at 44 favorites, 46 follows, 23 reviwes, 46 chapters and the (basically) halfway point of my lovely little story.

    Now that history has been retold and bragging has been recapped, I will - without further adieu - relay my happy news.

    10,001 views BABY!!!!!!!

    With 5 months out of this year with over 500 views (none of which made my goal of 1000 views :cry:), I was finally pushed into 5 digits baby!!! YEAH!!!!!!!  Rolling off a successful Inktober and almost successful NaNoWriMo this year, hitting 10,000 views on my baby and the whole thing basically blowing up in the best way possible has made the holiday season worth it again.  

    This year has been so shitty, it really has.  My great grandma died last December as well as a handful of other family members I wasn't as close too, and my neighbor who I've known most of my life - and my grandma, the one I was closest to, died in March this year.  Last winter and spring were demons that didn't want to go down.  Bills have been shit, we got a cat that died a month after we adopted her for reasons we still don't know, all either my boyfriend or I have done pretty much all year is work and sleep and attempt to eat in between and that's lead to borderline depression in both of us.  I am sick to death of the way I am treated at work and am adamant about leaving the moment I find a replacement job.  On top of all that, we've been to two weddings this year which just make us feel like shit because we can barely afford groceries, how are we ever gonna afford a wedding?

    The only thing that's been keeping me sane and even a semblance of happy this year is having my boyfriend, drawing, and working on Frost and Stories.  Steadily publishing a chapter every month was a godsend this year, I swear.  If I didn't have that world to escape to and release everything that was building and threatening to blow, then I'd probably be in a mental home right now.  So to see how FnS has blossomed into this beauty makes me wanna cry, seriously guys, it does.  It makes me feel like suffering through this year was worth it and that there's a light at the end of the tunnel (or maybe those are Christmas lights from down the street).  Regardless, I just really wanted to thank everyone who's read Frost and Stories from the day I first published it to today, along with everyone who has ever read anything I've ever written period.  It's saved my sanity more times than I can count, so with my sincerest thanks, I wish you all a happier year than we've all had.


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I currently have 97, despite what the bar says. Thanks to :iconnarina1991: who commissioned me for a cast of characters of his. I need points so I can commission people, and so I can eventually get a premium.

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