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"Men have this strange pride that makes it hard for us to admit our love. We try to get the girls to understand it without having to use those words."


I played a little of Tree of Tranquility and Animal Parade a few months ago, and I really love it! I especially d'awwed over Chase's lines in the game. xD Right after he says that quote above, he moves onto throwing away his pride and confessing his love agfadfg it's so cute, he totally won me over with those lines. ;u;

I actually drew another ChasexAngela pic before this one but my old PC finally gave out and crashed along with it and I didn't want to recolor... so I BAWWed and didn't draw/color anything for the past few weeks. D8> I'm slowly getting back into drawing though...

Title is from the sweetest song cover I've ever seen: [link] Not only the lyrics are adorable, so is the video! :heart:


Important: I know that my art is floating around a lot on tumblr lately, especially my harvest moon ones. xD; I don't have a tumblr account so I can't do anything about it, and I've given up asking people not to do that anyway (not that I approve of people uploading my art somewhere without my knowledge still). But at the very least, please source back here so if anything happens someone could at least find me easily and inform me. It's also common courtesy. I know you can add sources easily on tumblr so please do so.

The reason why I'm so worried about this is that I've been having multiple cases of art theft lately. Please don't make things harder on me. =( It really takes a lot of fun out of drawing.

Chase and Angela are from Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility and Animal Parade and belong to Natsume and Marvelous Entertainment. Colored on and off for about a week, Photoshop CS3.
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I used to play ToT all the time! I like the movement the characters have. 
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There's been a lot of trouble on tumblr about people uploading other peoples work without asking for/linking back to the original source/creator. A few of the senior Tumblr goers are warning everyone who is following them not to steal/reroute or otherwise mess with other peoples work without permission.

(your work is damn cute by the way)
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Love all of your Harvest Moon pictures. Do you think you could make one for Molly and Wizard? Keep up the good work!
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This just may make me decide to marry my new character off to Chase as opposed to Owen. >:3
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and I go for chase too <3 he is adorable!!!!
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omg this is amazing..i love this style ^^
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Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Chase is so lovableee X3
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Oh nevermind o: I saw that you didn't want people to post your art anywhere, even crediting you. I will respect that and not post your art! I love your art though
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Oh, since you asked so nicely, I don't mind! =) My art floats around on tumblr a lot anyway, so as long as credit is given on tumblr, I don't mind so much. It's forums and image-only sites that I start to get nervous, but someone wrote to me about tumblr being a safer place and I don't feel so worried about tumblr. =) Thank you for asking!
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Oh you're welcome! I actually found a picture on a random website and blogged it and then I was looking at your art and it was yours! O: So I took it down.
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I was gonna post this on my tumblr :3 I always source back to whoever made it :'D But photobucket and pictures my friends send me I don't know who created them. I never claim art that isn't done by me :'D I hope its alright with you to post this on my tumblr, I source back.
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OMG! I totally love this!!! :jawdrop:
:heart: your art! :D
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This is just too cute!!! Chase's expression is way too adorable. I love this drawing, the artwork is really amazing. Fantastic work! x3
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Waaaaaaah~ Chase says cute things on AP but the lines on ToT is SO much CUTER!!
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I saw alot of your stuff on google and photobucket. Thought you should know. And none of them source back here.
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Wuut?? I need to get ToT! Chase is so not romantic in AP (but I still married him xD)
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This is one of the best HM draw I've ever seen.. This is gorgeous and it's cute.. You totally got me!
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Aw, My friend loved this when I showed her! I'm afraid you'll have to duel over who keeps chase, or share him! ;) Anyway nice job.
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It is SOOOO beautiful and cute!!!!
I'm gonna FAV it!!
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Okay... I'm gonna go and play HM:AP now... I kind of left Chase all alone there for months... haha... and thanks to this picture, I'm missing him right now. So see ya! Awesome and adorable pic, by the way!
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Awwww, I love Chase's expression! Great job!
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