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Tails-155 Commission

here is a commission for :icontails-155: I rather like it, and i hope you do too, thanks again~
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This picture gives off a sense of Family and comfort. The shading does make the picture a little geometrical, but otherwise gives the picture a sense of dimension. The picture feels like it taken by a camera and has caught a simple but beautiful family portrait.

The emotion and feelings you wanted people to feel about the picture are felt in how it was done. Other than the shadows making it a little geometrical, it turned out beautifully.

I look forward to seeing more of your work and seeing it evolve and become more epic. I would love to have this on my wall, but my wall already has a lot on it.
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I mean... wowee. It really even looks like a glossy photograph. It's stellar! I love the mood, and Scootaloo's facial expression is FLAWLESS. It really captures the excitement she'd have of being in a loving family (Especially after her experiences within the fic this scene would be based on). It could have a bit wider scene to it, but every inch is more time used on a commission, as such, since this was a heck of a deal, I am totally satisfied with it as-is.

Enough of me fanboying. Well, maybe not. The look you gave of all the characters is stellar. They all seem to fit in correctly and comfortably. I would've been happy to see the badge for Lucky Buck's uniform, but I couldn't provide one for the pic, so that's not really a surprise, especially since I didn't really emphasize that. The shading improved quite a bit between this and the last work. It could still use a bit of feathering in places, but it's not distracting. I'd say Lucky Buck's cheeks Dashie's nose and Scoot's chest, for example, have kind of a geometric look from some of the shading, but it's not severe. I am curious whether I could use this as promotional material for my fic in some way. My only concern is it is kind of spoilery of events in the story.

I appreciate, greatly, the quality of this, especially after you just finished nonstop drawing of ponies for 2 days straight the other day. Kudos, kudos, kudos!
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they looks cute
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Might be a little late but any way I love how happy Scootaloo looks she just has a big heart-warming beaming smile to her.
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thank you so much ;o;
Is the Stallion on the left Lucky? I don't recall him being green...*goes back to read the fanfic for the eighth time* What? I'm not obsessed. Honest! :crazy: 
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I don't mention his color, I don't think. There's a Ponymaker version of him, though.
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<XD i honestly don't know, I haven't read that far, but the maker of the Fanfic commissioned me, so I'm guessing so
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aw cute wow you did a great job on that
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Good Job Tails
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I meant to click preview instead of submit 
it was supposed to say Tails would love it at the end
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XD I was confused by that.

Yes, I do love it. It's absolutely... oh man the feels.
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Oh. Another thing I noticed is, if Scoots' wings are out, where would her other wing be? o.o
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curled under RD's
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I see, when I saw a wing out I figured both would be extended the same way XP

This is absolutely beautiful. I got this a couple days ago and am still trying to show it off to folks! Definitely expect more interest from me! :aww:
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xD would be hard since RD has her wing around that general area

And good good xD i need to raise money
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:3 Well you definitely have talent! You should be proud of yourself! C:
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