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Maka Albarn by Annahs Maka Albarn :iconannahs:Annahs 5 0 Soul Evans by Annahs Soul Evans :iconannahs:Annahs 4 0 Death the Kid tutorial by Annahs Death the Kid tutorial :iconannahs:Annahs 3 0


Ego, Vanity and Greed by Dandy-Jon Ego, Vanity and Greed :icondandy-jon:Dandy-Jon 25 0 Eyes Unclouded by yuumei Eyes Unclouded :iconyuumei:yuumei 26,570 663
The Beauty of Silence - Chapter 6
The Beauty of Silence - chapter 6
Alfred felt that familiar shakiness inside him as he led the way out of the cafe. Talking about Mattie always made him upset, both externally and internally. It made his chest ache and his mind settle on the worse memories of his brother's sickness and death. This was why he forced a smile as he led the way to a place where he could blank out his mind. He didn't want to go to sleep thinking about his brother, lest he run the risk of a nightmare, and offering to take Arthur to a fun place seemed like the best way to prevent that.
"It's not that far away," he assured Arthur multiple times as they walked, occasionally tearing off a bite of his cinnamon bun. Arthur would only nod, looking half-amused and half-sympathetic. Alfred would bet his whole week's wage that the Deaf man understood exactly why they'd switched gears and was more than willing to help with a distraction.
Finally, they reached their destination. Alfred managed a half-smile as he patted
:iconnoobyaoiwriter:noobyaoiwriter 11 14
100 Themes Challenge~
1 Wishes
2 Loss
3 Contrast
4 Forgotten
5 Science
6 Magic
7 Loneliness
8 Tears
9 Darkness
10 Insanity
11 Cave
12 Field
13 Mountain
14 Silence
15 Drowning
16 Poison
17 Rage
18 Regret
19 Rejection
20 Sacrifice
31 Ancient
32 Hope
33 Acceptance
34 Water
35 Fire
36 Breeze
37 Elegance
38 Masked
39 Illusion
40 Reveled
41 Embarrassment
42 Joy
43 Calm
44 Break
45 Fall
46 Death
47 Sin
48 Laughter
49 Loyalty
50 Betrayal
51 Justice
52 Honor
53 Daydream
54 Leaving
55 Return
56 Snow
57 Apocalypse
58 Dawn
59 Coffee
60 Exhaustion
61 Unite
62 Divided
63 Alone
64 Mythical
65 Explore
66 Stress
67 Passion
68 Confusion
69 Relax
70 Causal
71 Smile
72 Erie
73 Time
74 Mirror
75 Sleep
76 Love
77 Flirt
78 Nervous
79 Shy
80 Celebration
81 Technology
82 Guide
83 Innocence
84 Execution
85 Storm
86 Heal
87 Torture
88 Abandon
89 Charm
90 Handsome
91 Beautiful
92 Cute
93 Graceful
94 Nature
95 Solar
96 Wildflower
97 Balance
98 Swamp
99 Golden
100 Relief
:iconinkadee:Inkadee 3 6
RinHaru: A Mermaid Tale 18 by Zakuuya RinHaru: A Mermaid Tale 18 :iconzakuuya:Zakuuya 127 27 RinHaru - Goodnight, Rin by Pleionne RinHaru - Goodnight, Rin :iconpleionne:Pleionne 429 30
Pirate!EnglandxReader Beg for Me Chapter 18
future reference
armleuchter= fuckwit
this chapter contains some curses (if i remember correctly), you have been warned!
Arthur turned his head to look behind him, recognizing that the nickname is becoming second nature at this point.
“Where’s (name)?”
“For the last time Peter,” Arthur turned back around and pinched the bridge of his nose, “the Spaniard has her.”
“Oh, I know that already, I just like making you say it,” the boy in the sailor suit smirked. 
Arthur grimaced before sighing for what seemed like the tenth time so far. “Is that why you came here?” he glared at the maps in front of him, “to remind me about the things I already know?” his voice tensed at the end.
“Nah, it’s just that we never spend much time together so I thought I could at least&
:iconmanamimarisa-chan:ManamiMarisa-chan 102 44
Is this true~4 Urushihara Hanzo x reader
Sleeping problems
Disclaimer: I don't own anything except Autumn!
I just started cooking dinner for me and Hara-san when I heard knock on the door.
"Hara-san! Can you get the door?" I would have done it my self, but I couldn't leave the food on the stove alone, it could catch a fire.
I heard Hara-san get up from the couch and walk to the door. Before he got to the door though , it opened and Autumn walked in like it was her own house.
"(y/n), I'm home!" She yelled happily and ran to hug me. "You got her fast." I smiled and hugged her back.
"Ofcourse I did!" Autumn said and turned to Hara-san who was standing not so far from us.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Autumn!" She said this time speaking Japanese.
Hara-san looked suprised and it took couple of seconds to answer. "Uh.. I thought you didn't speak Japanese?"
Autumn kept smiling and explained that she knows how to speak Japanese, but speaks (Whatever language is used where Ur from) with you most of time.
"Oh, Uh anyway, nice to meet you, I'
:iconevamaelstrom:EvaMaelstrom 29 11
SoulxMaka FanFic - Nightmares
"Soul, get up! Your gonna be late… again!" Maka called.
It wasn't unusual for Soul to get up late, but today seemed to be stretching it a bit.
Maka waited a bit for a response, when she got none she groaned and quickly finished her orange juice. She tossed her dishes in the sink and went to Soul's door and knocked.
"Soul? Helllooooo?" Maka called and when she got no response she knocked louder. Maka sighed and said, "Soul, I'm coming in," and brushed some hair out of her face before opening the door. "Soul?" she asked quietly as she peeked into the room. She stepped in and the first thing that caught her attention were the items scattered all over the ground; his clothes. She shook her head slightly.
Doesn't he ever pick up his room?
She walked over to his bed then, quietly and nervously watching and Soul tossed and turned in his bed- making strange noises ever now end then. Maka raised an eyebrow.
"Soul… You dope," she told him as she grabbed one of the pillows and to
:iconcturcz1234:cturcz1234 218 120
-Gerita--Hetalia--GOOD MORNING-- by aphin123 -Gerita--Hetalia--GOOD MORNING-- :iconaphin123:aphin123 847 151 Hetalia Motivational - Russia by iceblade56 Hetalia Motivational - Russia :iconiceblade56:iceblade56 696 101 Hetalia Spain by HetaliaFanForever Hetalia Spain :iconhetaliafanforever:HetaliaFanForever 52 11 Axis Powers Hetalia - AXIS ALLIES by Cryndigo Axis Powers Hetalia - AXIS ALLIES :iconcryndigo:Cryndigo 2,931 11 Hetalia Motivation: Germany by midnighthinata Hetalia Motivation: Germany :iconmidnighthinata:midnighthinata 2,512 827 hetalia: ukraine by reijr hetalia: ukraine :iconreijr:reijr 653 31 hetalia: estonia by reijr hetalia: estonia :iconreijr:reijr 685 29


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Anna Sobolewski
United States
I love anime and manga if you couldn't guess already. I love to read also. I also LOVE tea. I hate Idiots, they drive me nuts. I also am not a big fan of English and History, though I do enjoy math. right now my drawings are not the best, meaning I can definitely improve them, so please if you see something and want to give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism I wont be mad and would appreciate it.


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