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Rylan Hawke


~ simple man, not devoid of natural charm. balanced, rational, preferring to spend time on useful and necessary stuff, not on books.

I finally painted my hawke ;D Lavellan is next!

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I was asked to `help´ making a larger version of this. Luckily, my good friend Gusinda in the Beamdog forums quickly pointed out that such would require your permission. I expect the `supposed person in need´ being less lawful about it, so I will not `help´ the villain. Unpaid work sux anyway.

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It is sux indeed:D Thank you ^^

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Your Hawke is hot af. Anders and Fenris have no hope.
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hahahaha Anders and Fenris have their own featuresWink/Razz 
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Awesome Work 💕💕
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Awesome work like always. <3
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Oh, yes! This is some fabulous art!!! :catwoman: 
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Lovely Hawke! Good job!

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Wowzer! He looks amazing!! I really love all the little details in his costume, and the fact that he's smoking a pipe :D The background is excellent too!
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Yeah, he won the pipe in a card game when he was younger :D (Big Grin) Thank you!Heart  
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I would love to know what painting method you use, if you ever feel like making a tutorial. This is absolutely gorgeous!
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5-horz by AnnaHelme   Hope it will help! ;)
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Thank you so much!!!
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