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so easy to leave me
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Published: March 11, 2011
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touch me
it's so easy to leave me
all alone with the memory
of my days in the sun

This pitiful little creature lives in Haifa, down Hehalutz street, toward the slums.
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This photo makes me want to cry and it makes me really angry at the same time! #1 people need to get their pets SPAYED and NEUTERED!!!!! Maybe look for rescue groups to take care of the strays or start a group.. we have them. That trap, spay or neuter and then release them back in the same area they got them from. They clip the ear so that they don't retrap a cat that has been done already. Vets and other people donate their time for free... so the rest is medical cost.  Kittens, get taken away from ferrel mamas, cleaned up and put up for adoption. This kitty is probably not adoptable and most likely would not get along with your 4 cats. Someone should put some food out for her and water. Looks like chemical burns on her tail... which means that their is some toxic shit in this area and with it, you don't just have to worry about animals... what if a kid gets into that... So the community needs to come together and fix this problem... clean it up, feed the animals and get them fixed.  I feel bad for any parent that lives around her. Would be scary letting your kids play outside.
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AnnaGiladiHobbyist General Artist
We have those trap-spay-release programs, but the numbers of cats in Israel are out of control. I don't know about the us but in Tel Aviv alone, there are some 39,000 feral cats with around 20,000 kittens ending up in the Tel Aviv shelters per yeah. Haifa, another major city, has huge clans of cats around every corner and countless loners. 
People do put out food and water everywhere. The cat in the picture also lived near the produce market, so any forgotten fish or chicken will be hers. Her particular area has always been slummy, though the parallel street is being cleaned up for the new bus connection. There's a bit of hope, but not much as it's always been a shit neighborhood.
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SadycatStudent Digital Artist
does anyone see the cat on the backround?
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Yep. Ninja cat loves to photobomb!
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SadycatStudent Digital Artist
this is so sad
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st0lensanityHobbyist Digital Artist
omfg look at it's tail!!! the fur is torn off the bone!
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NathalieNovaStudent Digital Artist
Oh this poor cat
I cant believe how cruel a human can be...
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Mauser7Hobbyist General Artist
The poor thing's tail.
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GyaldhartHobbyist General Artist
Makes me sad...specially because one of my cat is almost identical to this one. At least I rescued mine from the street and she has a happy life with a lot of spoilage with me and family, saved her a life like that poor cat in the pic....
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poppyleafStudent Digital Artist
you should take her in if u can.
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AnnaGiladiHobbyist General Artist
Can't, got 4 cats of my own and that cat doesn't even want to be touched.
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Poor cat...
By the way, nice shot.
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MajorasMasksProfessional Artisan Crafter
Her tail, ouch. :(
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LionHeart-SPStudent Writer
is there anything you can do for her? she need help and medical attention... please i hope you help her
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AnnaGiladiHobbyist General Artist
I'm afraid not, she doesn't want to be approached and there's a thousand more like that..
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LionHeart-SPStudent Writer
=/ its just so sad... i wish no animal would ever have to go through that
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Aww, poor thing. When I saw you lived in Isreal, I remembered how I seen things on TV looking a bit like it shows in the pic, the buildings and all.
Gawsh, I never know how good I have it until I see how others have it. :(
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mreviverHobbyist Digital Artist
That poor thing.. ;___;
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BenepotentiaStudent Digital Artist
Poor little one! I'd bring her home I could...
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KahyneHobbyist General Artist
Nice shot, we can notice how he was scared about anything - from his pose and his face.
A beautiful cat indeed, I wish someone would just take him home...
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Pheasant-FoxHobbyist Digital Artist
D: poor kitteh! I want to take it home!
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