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Chutz Panik

For a hero design contest.

Name Chutz Panik
Alias The Blow-Job
Age 30
Height 178
Affiliation Israel/IDF
Unit Dishonorably discharged from secret special unit
Weapon Tavor with grenade launcher, Krav Maga, whatever offers itself
Superpower Huge balls, mad improv, provoking the enemy to defeat themselves, shitting ammo (or how does he never run out?!), charms, kind of never really dies... Also, he can go aaall night long with the ladies.
Mascot Fakinyahoo the cat, 10.000 white doves
Motto "Kussssss emmmek" (Your mother's cunt), "Mmmbye"
Theme [link]

Pronounce the first name with the Ch from Achmed, not Charity.
So "Khoots".


None of my artwork is to be used to illustrate hate speech, slander, (blood) libel, sedition/incitement, or other kinds of malicious use to misrepresent, abuse, accuse or otherwise attack:

-woman's rights
-LGBT rights
-the Jewish people
-Israel and its people and defenders

Such use is explicitely prohobited, while I thought I could trust the judgement of adults without needing to stress it. As the one and only owner of the rights to my pictures, sharing them (the rights) with deviantART itself only, not the community, this is a legitimate demand to make and legally enforcable.
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Disgusting. This art is so fucking disgusting. You're killing children, burning lands of Palestines and you think is cute and nice making an OC of the army who causes that? Fucking disgusting

AnnaGiladi's avatar

Go cry, kiddo. I didn't kill anyone, neither did I burn anything. It doesn't matter who you're talking about, using the collective "you" in an accusation based solely on ethnicity/national origin, is racism. Not gonna apologize for being born and raised where I was born and raised and having once held a worldview to fit that of the majority of the people around me. I'm always open for a civil discussion, but you pissed that all away with your aggressive tone when you're not even affected, so go record 13 tapes and take a bath. This shit is 10 years old. I just have better things to do with my precious time than sift through old deviations to make sure my gallery still reflects my views.

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cthulhufhtagn1987's avatar
Ingenious! The Israeli antihero!
dropkiick's avatar
Jesus Christ lol XD I approve.
Fooled-Trooper's avatar
Wenn die Leute dein Bild einfach für zu Patriotisch oder Zionistisch halten lass es gut sein. Oder du gehst den harten Weg und sag deine Meinung. Jedenfalls sollte man dein Bild rein künstlerich gesehen nicht wegen der jetzigen politischen Lage allzu hart kritisieren....

Ich sag das als Halb-Deutscher frei nach Schnauze...
pakhnokh's avatar
פאקיניהו החתול?
איזה שם מקראי לתפארת XD
AnnaGiladi's avatar
נכוווווווון? :D שבת שלום~!
pakhnokh's avatar
חחחח גדולה! שבת שלום :)
alexismyname's avatar
"Chutz Panik". Quite a name. I bet he really does have the chutzpah.:D
AnnaGiladi's avatar
The chutzpah is a secretion from his hair follicles. As he has a lot of hair, he secretes a lot of chutzpah. He oozes it :D
alexismyname's avatar
Heh, with great hair comes great chutzpah. (I'm gonna regret ever saying that.^^;)
ChesterPalm's avatar
omg, that's so funny XD the theme's spot on, too XD
isn't "shitting ammo" a superpower that everyone wielding a gun in movies has? =p
AnnaGiladi's avatar
Yeah but Chutz shits them... errr... with lots of chutzpah. Yes. ^^;
Though of course, with the contest being held on a German platform, there's a shit storm coming my way again. Boohoo, military glorification, how inhumane. Yes, I was told my soldier drawings are inhumane. You know what's inhumane? Their mothers' cunts.
ChesterPalm's avatar
inhumane how? our army is GLORIOUS, let them deal with it XP
AnnaGiladi's avatar
Well it is soooo very inhumane to show soldiers, with weapons, possibly in a war, and making them look - le gasp - human.
Though sometimes I think they would be a lot less assholic about it if it were jeans, t-shirt, kuffiyah and an AK-47... Then it's a "freedom fighter".
ChesterPalm's avatar
it all depends on who you ask, huh?
AnnaGiladi's avatar
Yeah... I don't even know why I participated. One can win a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet. Well I just ordered one on eBay.
Oh well, I just threw them the "If you don't like the Jewish people being defended for the first time in human history, I guess I'll just have to accept that Germany has not changed after all"-bone.
That forum hosting the contest, is medieval. They have no Report button, and no Ignore-this-asshole option. דפוק?
ChesterPalm's avatar
אכן, דפוק :)
again - let them shut the fuck up and DEAL WITH IT =p
TheLadyofShalot's avatar
The doves are very John Woo style (you find them as his signature in the most movies, esp. around smoking guns), I like the detail! Probably the guy is also John Woo style, in a messy kind of way... ;-)
AnnaGiladi's avatar
Huh, interesting :) I don't think I ever watched one.
TheLadyofShalot's avatar
I think you'll love them. In the Nineties he started to do a lot of movies in the west (like "Face/Off" and "Broken Arrow"), but his Hong Kong movies of the Seventies/Eighties (Hard Boiled, Bullet in the Head, A Better Tomorrow I and II, The Killer etc.)are making Tarentino appear like a schoolboy. A lot of bullet- shitting and bullet- flying (plus some doves here and there).
TheLadyofShalot's avatar
" the most *famous of his* movies... etc."
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