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Fat asses throw big shade.
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Concrete Monsters by AnnaGiladi, visual art

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Native Iraqi Israeli Jew, former Zionist, living a hermit life in Germany with my only entourage being service providers and my mother I run a little animal farm with. Absconded from Israel pretty much heartbroken and homesick, but for similar reasons as my grandfather, Naeim Giladi. Read him and weep. We're a third world country in a stolen Gucci belt.

Non-binary, pronoun-indifferent, ace/aego/pan.

ADHD, Actually Autistic, Borderline personality, newly on stimulants, glorious stimulants. Body positivity advocate and intersectional feminist. Absolutely will punch Nazis. Retired sex worker; 100% zero tolerance for SWERFS. Ex-con if you count 3 days in a Turkish jail over a misinterpretation of my in-flight service complaint. Not a bad person, just short-fused and capable of nastiness.

Owner and breeder of Japanese Akitas, Golden Retrievers, Valais Blacknose sheep, and Silkie chickens. Saved by a beautiful and magnificent Clydesdale mare my father pretty much disowned me for having while on disability/unemployment. I'll pick Lady Helen over that pathetic fuckstick any day, so joke's on him. Monumental daddy issues.

Speaks Hebrew, German, English, French, Dutch, and Japanese. For whatever reason, I understand some Swedish, Spanish, and Portuguese.

If you find any pro-Zionist or borderline racist content in my gallery or journal, please look at the time stamp. I no longer stand by the message, only by whatever artistic merit the submission may have, and I also don't have the urge to sweep my past mistakes under the rug: I want people to know that we all have growth to do and are not born "woke". I've spent the last 2 years in isolation and soul-searching and am at peace with having been who I was and being who I became. My rightwing phase was just that, a phase induced by self-hatred that needed to go anywhere but on my own wrists. So I discovered: Zionism, a perfect framework for the bullied to become the bully and tell yourself it's all for the noble cause of ensuring the survival of God's Chosen People (TM). I was radicalized & groomed into Zionism the way goalless, hopeless men are radicalized & groomed into ISIS, the Yakuza, or the US military. I stopped hating myself, and hence was able to stop hating altogether. Today, I'm only angry, angry with love for people and for the world and what both could be if the left was as good at acting on our anger as the right instead of just talking fancy for the sake of some imagined high ground.

My anti-Zionist leftism is not an invitation to be antisemitic or tell me Israel should be "wiped off the map"; I don't like colonialism, but I also don't like mass murder. I will absolutely tone-police you if you start sounding like you're okay with dead civilians just because they're blue and white. I have family in Israel, so your talk is a direct wish for their deaths.

Speaking of tone-policing, I will not be "whitegirled" over my lack of pigmentation. I'm biracial, and while I will absolutely try to stay in my lane on issues exclusive to communities of a different ethnicity than my own, I am not white and will not be silenced as such in matters concerning intersectional issues. At 350 lb and female, my body is plenty marginalized. Hush.

Favourite Visual Artist
Many, but Leonid Afremov holds a special place in my heart
Favourite Movies
Waltz with Bashir, Lion King, anything with Yosuke Kubozuka, Deadpool, Spirit, Last Unicorn and many others
Favourite TV Shows
Doctor Who, Naruto & Shippuden, Spartacus, True Blood, IWGP, Torchwood, Grey's Anatomy, Law & Order: SVU,...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Omer Adam, Aziz Maraka, Ivan Torrent, Hollywood Undead, 卍 Line, Akeboshi, Scooter, Die Toten Hosen, Hans Zimmer, Kerli,...
Favourite Books
Itachi Shinden, Warriors, Foreskin's Lament, and some more
Favourite Writers
Tools of the Trade
ClipStudio, Photoshop, Nikon
Other Interests
Creative things, my animals, collecting cute stuff, political activism (leftist, feminist)

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I wish you good luck

I love your art, wow! Just wanted to say :)

Happy Belated Birthday!
Happy belated Birthday!
Happy birthday dear!
happy birthday!