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(FFVII) Reno x Reader (Modern!AU) Part 15
----(Y/N) POV---- Reno fell asleep before I did; he looks so tired, and his cheeks are starting to show unshaved hair.  He must be drinking a lot.... I pat his head and watch his peaceful face doze off into dreamland... I'm feeling drowsy myself, but I don't want to fall asleep because I'm afraid I won't wake up... I close my eyes as the medication flows through my system.... Ono drop at a time... I feel my eyes become like weights and slowly pull a black curtain down my vision. Every goes black... this is it... I open my eyes. I'm standing beside my bed; I can see myself. Reno is still sleeping and the alarm hasn't gone off yet... Wh
(FFVII) Reno x Reader (Modern!AU) Part 14
----Reno's POV---- I sit against the hospital wall as hot tears roll down my cheeks. Currently, I can't do shit. She's dying in there and it's all my fault. I don't care who sees my sobbing mess, I just want this to end... How could I have let this happen!? I had one job: Take care of her. ----Flashback---- I wake up before (Y/N) does and find our hands still folded together. I gaze at her beautiful face and notice her breathing is slowling down... Her once pink lips are now a shade of white powder, and her eyes move back and forth from dreaming. A nurse comes in to take her blood preasure and tells me it's stable for someone who's
(FFVII) Reno x Reader (Modern!AU) Part 13
----(Y/N) POV---- I'm placed on a gurney and driven to the hospital. All I can think about is how drained I feel and the throbbing in my head. Gosh, it feels like a force is pushing down on my poor brain. Tifa stays at my apartment to watch my sons, but that's the least of my worries. What I'm really worried about is what the hell is going on!? I need to survive..... I need to survive for my babies... and my husband... I feel heavy.... Light in the head.... Everything looks soft.... my vision is watering together.... So tired... Inhale...... Darkness..... ----Reno's POV---- I'm handed my next assignment. The next place I'm going
(FFVII) Reno x Reader (Modern!AU) Part 12
----Reader's POV---- Sitting in the bathtub, I soak in hot water; steam coming off the surface. Bubbles floating everywhere with rainbow reflections in them. My tummy is swollen and pocking out of the water, even though I'm trying to lie flat in the tub to submerge my entire body, save for my head. It's bee four months since I found out I'm housing twins; six months total since Reno's seed unknowingly planted inside my womb. Only three months to go before I am a mother, and Reno... a father. Gosh, I'm still astonished by the thought of us having children. I sit up, making the water swoosh around me, and put my hands on my balloon stomach
(FFVII) Reno x Reader (Modern!AU) Part 11
----Reader's POV---- It's been two months since my last period, and I already can figure out the cause. I'm pregnant. With Reno's child. 'His child...' I stare at the test stick. 'I'm pregnant... how?' I get off the toilet and pull my panties up and; I make my way toward the kitchen. 'I need to tell him.... but this wasn't supposed to happen.' I open the fridge and look through the food. 'Nothing I want is in here,' I huff and slam the door. Walking to the couch with a groan; my body plops down and leans back. I blow some hair out of my face. I hear Reno shut the door; my heart begins to thump in my throat. I stand and smile as
(FFVII) Reno x Reader (Modern!AU) Part 7
Reno unlocks the door to your shared apartment. He lets you take in the scenery for the time since your accident. Nothing was familiar to you. Reno rubs the back of his neck. 'Gosh, this is going to be harder then I thought.' Since Reno never cooks, he ordered take out from (Y/fav restaurant). At the table, you kept quiet for a while before asking about your past. ---Reno's POV--- I look up from my food and look (Y/N) in the eyes. "You really wanna know so soon, I thought maybe we could-" "I want to know now," she says with a half-smile. "Alright," I sigh, "what do you wanna know?" "When did we get married?" "Well, about eight month
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(FFVII) Reno x Reader (Modern!AU) Part 1
PRE-WARNING: There is suggestive sexual content in this piece of literature. Please read with caution. You have been warned. Ever since you joined the Turks, your life has been forever changed by all the events leading up to the almost-destruction of the planet from Sephiroth's wrath. Aside from all the death and sadness, you made some life-lasting friendships. And one of those friends in particular is a red-headed Turk. His name is Reno. When you joined the Turks, he instantly stood out to you, and grabbed a hold of your trust. Yeah, sure, he could be an idiot sometimes, but he always kept his loyalty at hand. Always. At one point when y
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