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CF09 Cookie sample02

By Annachuu
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Allied Forces now done!

They're 5cmx5.5cm size on average, except China whose hair makes him 5cmx9cm XD. Will be selling these at Comic Fiesta this year at *kidchan's booth. I'm doing my best to make as many as possible, though stock will still be limited (considering that I have to cut out each individual shape and draw the lines with chocolate using toothpicks by myself ;A; ).

Question now, CF-goers, will you buy them? You can get them either individually or as a set. Set will come with an extra free SECRET COOKIE (2 varieties) and set will have "exclusive packaging" (lol). All packaging design done by the wonderful *kidchan

Please remember though that food and drinks may not be consumed in the hall itself ;w;

Closer look at Axis Powers cookies here:

More info here: [link]

Thank you so much again :iconkidchan: for this wonderful opportunity!
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wow i am impressed
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how did you make the shapes of these awesome cookies!! Did you make special cookie cutters or did you cut them?

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I made templates out of paper and used them as a guide to cut them out using a knife. I'd sure like to research on making cookie cutters though, cutting them individually can be so taxing @___@
italyxgermanylover's avatar
Well that's awesome your hard work paid off~ they look great
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wow all your cookies look great, what type of cookies were they?
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Just normal butter/sugar cookies with chocolate for the lineart :)
LuffyNoTomo's avatar
ooo okay, i tried doing similar stuff but with chocolate chip cookies and the chips make it harder to draw on XD
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If I tried to eat them I would die because I wouldn't be able to so beutiful
noneedtocallmesir's avatar
Aaawwww, these are so cute!
krylucifer's avatar
this is amazing. if it were my i'd probably end up reaking the cookies ><
shaymin28's avatar
wow! England has never looked more delicious ...
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I. Love. You. (Not to be creepy or anything.)

This is the kind of work I WISH I could do with my cookies. ;-; But 1. You clearly have better artistic/drawing skills, and 2. have the patience to cut each shape out, which I don't. v_v; Ahhh, these are so adorable. Great work. <3
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Aww naww, don't say that! You can do it too! :w00t:
InscribedinBlood's avatar
Thank you so much! ^^ I may try my hand at making some Hetalia cookies in the near future, but we'll see. c:
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Made Me Hungry~ But TOO CUTE TO EAT!!!
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these are amazing! they should be on TV!
UnseenAlice's avatar
Holy shiz.... too... cute... to eat~!~!!!
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