2nd Annual 'Masters' CSIO 5* - JUDGED

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The Masters

Calgary, Alberta, CAN Flag of Canada 
September 4th to 8th
1st Running: July 15th to September 15th @ 11:59PM MT (Registration deadline: September 1st @ 11:59PM MT) CLOSED
:new: 1st Running Results! :new:
2nd Running: September 15th to December 15th @ 11:59PM MT (Registration deadline: December 1st @ 11:59PM MT) CLOSED
No extensions will be provided for this show!

Welcome to Spruce Meadows

Spruce Meadows is a world-class show jumping facility that plays host to a wide variety of events, from novice riders to Olympians, including five 5* events. The Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’ takes place in early September and runs for five days, capped off by the $3 million dollar CP International Grand Prix, also a stop on the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping. There is always something going on for everyone, whether it be watching Olympic athletes show off their talents or by shopping in one of the many complexes.


  • Please carefully read the eligibility requirements on each class and ensure the information needed (such as age of the horse) is listed on its reference.
  • Preregistration is a requirement for this show. Please respond to the featured comment for each class with the form fully filled out. Registrations posted outside the comment will not be counted (please allow 2-3 weeks for registration).
  • Remember the human. Hostility, unsportsmanlike conduct, and general nastiness will not be tolerated – I don’t care who you are.
  • Collaborations are allowed for the Nations’ Cup only.
    • You do not need to represent one country. Feel free to mix and match your teams!
    • Teams of 4 are required. You may choose to bring four of your own horses or you may join up with others.
  • Tack and dress.
    • Equestrian Canada (article G502 and G503 go into detail about tack, and G109 explains rider dress)
    • FEI rules (article 256 and 257 go into detail about what is allowed)
  • References must be credited. Please write “no references used” if you did not use any specific photos as references. I will not accept entries that do not have this information listed.
  • Tracing is allowed, but may result in a lower effort score. Hand-eye and overall referencing is allowed and will not result in a lower score. Lying about tracing will result in your entry being pulled from the show. I will be checking.
  • A stable can enter as many horses as it wants into classes. However, horses that are entered in the FEI portion are not allowed to enter the Equestrian Canada portion.
  • Only one horse per rider may be started for the following classes:
    • ATCO Six Bar
    • Suncor Energy Winning Round
    • BMO Nations’ Cup
    • CP International Grand Prix
  • A horse can enter one class per day and provided start times do not overlap with each other.


Please explain the running times.
The real-life Masters features classes that run early in the week as qualifiers, usually for the Grand Prix. The winners of the classes are given a qualifying berth into the Grand Prix. However, since this is HARPG and I don’t expect anyone to draw an entry within two days, two different run times have been included. The qualifying classes will run in the first running (July 15th to September 15th), and will be judged within two weeks. The winners will then automatically get a spot in the Grand Prix (unless indicated otherwise). From there, the second running will begin and run until December 15th.
Certain classes such as the Grand Prix will run the entire five months. This is for those who are already qualified and want as much time to work on their entries as possible.
You are not required to compete in a qualifying class in this show in order to join the Grand Prix. There are no extra points or considerations given for those who choose to go this route. This was added as a storyline feature and to add a bit more realism to the show as a whole.

What is the difference between Equestrian Canada and FEI classes?
Equestrian Canada and FEI have different regulations. Equestrian Canada is also a national entity whereas FEI is an international entity. Equestrian Canada classes are meant to showcase horses that are not at the Grand Prix level (yet) and to give them a chance in lighter competition as opposed to facing off against Olympians and World Cup horses.

What roleplay/sponsorship opportunities are there?
Because this year’s rendition is different from last year’s, there is much more to do outside of simply drawing a show entry.
  • Claiming a vendor stall in one of the markets, for either advertising, sales, etc. for your group or stable.
  • Sponsorship of a class (your group or stable would have a branded jump on the course).
    • Classes available for sponsorship
      • Akita Drilling Cup
      • ATCO Solutions Classic
      • Oxford Cup
      • CANA Cup
      • Friends of the Meadows Cup
      • ATCO Electric Six Bar
      • JLT Cup
      • SUNOR Energy Winning Round
      • BMO Nations' Cup
      • CP International Grand Prix
  • Addition of qualifiers (explained above) for added realism to the show jumping scene.
  • All sponsors will have their group/stable name added to the 1st-3rd place stable plaques as a presenter.
More opportunities may appear in the months to come, keep an eye out! Until then, if you are interested in sponsoring or claiming a vendor stall, please comment here.

Current sponsors

:iconmorning-star-ranch: :iconhorseart-rpg: :iconswba: :iconmillennium-ec: :iconharpg-international: :iconthe-equipage: :iconh-i-e-f: :iconbarroco-horse:


I am moving away from a number-based matrix for this show. However, I will be looking at certain things.

Creativity and Effort
Show jumping is a very popular class in HARPG. Trying to do something new with each entry is like reinventing the wheel. Effort =/= realistic and correct. We all have our own styles. If you want to try something new, a different method of shading, poses, etc., by all means go ahead. This show is not intended to punish you. Step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. I look for things like this when I judge.

Attention to Venue
I live about 20 minutes away from Spruce Meadows. I will be going to the real-life Masters. I know this venue well. I know that for the most part, backgrounds are difficult for HARPG artists. You probably got into the game because you liked to draw horses, whereas backgrounds and riders were a secondary focus. That’s totally fine, but this venue offers so much in terms of angles and things to draw in the background. I want to see that you paid close attention to Spruce Meadows as a venue as opposed to just churning out a typical show jumping entry. That will show me effort.

One Piece & Others
Extra images, stories, prize donations, etc. will not be earning you bonus points, but they are still welcome. The reasoning behind this is that extra images seem to be more of a requirement than an option. Have you ever poured your heart and soul into an entry just to lose because you didn’t do a quick, sketchy, half-hearted extra just to get those two points? I’m sure many of you have, and many of you have found it frustrating, myself included. With that said, I do love reading storylines and becoming fully immersed in a show experience.


Held at Spruce Meadows in Calgary, AB, Canada

All Cananda Ring                                                                                        International Ring
Hosts all Equestrian Canada Events.                                                             Hosts all FEI Events.

Schedule and Weather



EC classes are marked with a red bullet, FEI classes are marked with a purple bullet. Classes with icons next to them Suncoricon by Annacaza or Cpicon by Annacaza will only be part of the first running, and will have an entry deadline of September 15th.

Note: due to unforeseen circumstances, I've decided to restore creative liberty with the jumps as I don't want to keep you all waiting on designs. Feel free to take a look at 2018 videos, as well as images I will take when I go to the Masters in September. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Bullet; Red Oxford Cup | $10,000

     Day 2 | All Canada Ring | 12:45 PM
   Horse age: 6 years or older
   Rider age: 12 years or older
   Height: 1.30 metres (4’3”) | 1.40 metre (4’6”) Max. spread
   # of Obstacles: 12 [Jumps | Course]
   Speed: 350 metres/min

Bullet; Red Friends of the Meadows Cup | $10,000

     Day 3 | All Canada Ring | 12:15 PM
   Horse age: 6 years or older
   Rider age: 12 years or older
   Height: 1.30 metres (4’3”) | 1.40 metre (4’6”) Max. spread
   # of Obstacles: 12 [Jumps | Course]
   Speed: 350 metres/min

Bullet; Red JLT Cup | $25,000

     Day 4 | All Canada Ring | 9:00 AM
   Horse age: 6 years or older
   Rider age: 12 years or older
   Height: 1.30 metres (4’3”) | 1.40 metre (4’6”) Max. spread
   # of Obstacles: 13 [Jumps | Course]
   Speed: 350 metres/min

Bullet; Purple SUNCOR Energy Winning Round | $133,700

     Day 4 | International Ring | 10:45 AM
   Horse age: 7 years or older
   Rider age: 16 years or older
   Height: 1.20 metres to 1.60 metres (4’ to 5’3”) | 2.00 metre (6’6”) Max. spread
   # of Obstacles: 12 [Jumps | Course]
   Speed: 400 metres/min
  • Must have competed in the ATCO Solutions Classic.

Bullet; Purple CP International Grand Prix | $3,000,000

     Day 5 | International Ring | 11:45 AM
   Horse age: 7 years or older
   Rider age: 18 years or older
   Height: 1.30 metres to 1.70 metres (4’3” to 5’6”) | 2.20 metre (7”) Max. spread
   # of Obstacles: 14 [Jumps | Course]
   Speed: 400 metres/min
  • The horse must’ve completed a Grand Prix level show jumping course (jump heights must be available).
  • Horses who have competed in a HA-Champions-League event (the entry must exist – just being registered for HCL does not qualify you here) are eligible for registration.
  • If the horse has not completed a Grand Prix level show jumping horse, it must qualify through the classes marked with the CP International icon. The winners will receive an automatic berth, and the 2nd and 3rd place finishers may also be invited depending on how large the field is.
  • Proof of experience must be listed. I will not be checking galleries. If it is not easily accessible, your registration will be denied.


More prizes will come as the tournament progresses.

All Classes


50Points from The-Equipage
1x Barroco Custom Import (with 50 points in skills) from Barroco-Horse
Fullbody shaded image,


20Points from The-Equipage
1x Barroco Custom Import (standard skill) from Barroco-Horse


Plaque, Ribbon

≤ 4th

Purse distributed to top 12 finishers (exceptions: Oxford Cup and Friends of the Meadows Cup are only distributed to top 10 finishers)

Equestrian Canada Classes
Ribbons to 8th place
Medal to 1st place

FEI Classes
(not including the Nations' Cup or CP Intl)
Ribbons to 10th place
Trophy to 1st place

BMO Nations Cup
50Points to every participant in highest scoring team from The-Equipage
Ribbons to top 6 teams

CP International Grand Prix
100Points to 1st place from The-Equipage
50Points to 2nd place from The-Equipage
20Points to 3rd place from The-Equipage
Ribbons to 12th place

Please note: it is your responsibility to claim your prizes.

Titles (medals)
  • Judges’ choice
  • Best turned out
    • Awarded to the pair whose tack/braids/etc I like the best.
  • Champion country
    • Awarded to the country who scored the highest across the tournament (all country representatives will receive a medal)

Important Links


Class Registration Links

© 2019 - 2021 Annacaza
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2019 Masters Results

Note: It is your responsibility to claim your

Results have been posted!

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Thanks so much :) congrats to the winners!

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ahh exciting! :la: thank you!

i don't want to bother, but for some reason i can't click on the thumb.. can you maybe put a link?

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Sure, see if this works: Link

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it does, thank you!

and oohh wow i didn't expect that at all ToT thank you so much! also for hosting this, it's always a blast (: and don't worry about the wait.

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When will the previous show be judged?
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I will try to push for results in the next 48 hours.

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Awesome! Thanks for your hard work!
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Just to confirm, no collabs at this point, correct? Only for the Nations Cup? 
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Correct, only individual work from here on in.
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Question, I have a horse who, in HARPG, hasn't competed in any Grand Prix shows yet, but part of his character/history is that he's a Grand Prix horse. To qualify for the CP International Grand Prix, would a training image/multiple training images with jumps at Grand Prix height be okay?
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I'd prefer if it had show experience (even just in an RNG or monthly), but if you can't get him into a show until then, I'll make an exception this one time. In order to qualify, he will need two (2) training images and the jump heights must be listed. Include them in your registration comment when you finish them.
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Registration: SUNCOR Energy Winning Round
Please comment below with the form filled out in full. Incomplete or registrations posted in the wrong comment will be ignored.

Country representing: 
Horse Name & reference: 
Horse Age: 
Rider name & reference: 
Rider Age: 
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Registration is now closed for this class.
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Country representing: United States
Horse Name & reference: NRS Fighter Jet
Horse Age: 8YO
Breed: Hanoverian
Gender: Stallion
Rider name & reference: Adelaide Snow
Rider Age: 21
Annacaza's avatar
NRS Fighter Jet > SUNCOR Energy Winning Round
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Country representing: Ireland
Horse Name & reference: Coppola
Horse Age: 12yo
Breed: Westphalian
Gender: gelding
Rider name & reference: Dick Turs
Rider Age: 23yo
Annacaza's avatar
Coppola > SUNCOR Energy Winning Round
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My horse competed in the ATCO Classic (That's being judged at the moment) can I go ahead and register him for the SUNCOR Energy show?
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Hey there (:
Just wanted to let you know that there is a comment now where you can register your horse for the Suncor Winning Round c:
CaptainMaddi's avatar
Thank you! I just registered for it.
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quick question- in classes such as the Akita Drilling Cup, or ones with a range of heights listed, are the jumps all around the course set at different heights or does everybody pick their height to ride, and then it's all judged together? thanks!
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Sorry, I should make that clearer. There is a range because, depending on the jump type, it may be less or more. For example, some of the oxers will be uneven, so it's a way of offering some variety. I'm not too concerned with whatever height you choose to draw, it'll all be judged the same!
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oh awesome thank you!
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