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Summer Fiesta Flyer-Poster

This is one side of a flyer for a youth beach camp.
This side is a poster that kids can put up in their room and it will also be used as an advertisement flyer.
The back, which I haven't started yet, will provide all the info for the camp, including a tear off registration form at the bottom.
It is an A3 poster and will be folded twice (once to A4 and then to A5) with the poster being on the inside. I will edit this when I finish the other side.
There's a couple of things I need to edit on this side too - it's not completely finished.

Time Taken: about 7 hours
Program: Adobe Photoshop CS

EDIT #1: Changed the footy guy and added some contact details and logos at the bottom.
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OH! you go to CCC! haha. awesome.
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hehe. yes. check out our youth website sometime > [link] I designed it. :D
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hey! the site is rockin!! well done. man. its awesome.
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Nicely done, Very vibrant. Like the background texturing in the upper section with the title.
plugz's avatar
pretty sweet. Man everyones designin stuff :P I need to get in on this action :D
AnnaBramble's avatar
haha. thanks. indeed you should! :nod:
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Very cool, except that Muzza looks a little fat... :P

This looks so much better than last years flyer. And I don't know why, but I really like that sun...

Oh, and whoever took the photos must rock!
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lol. well muzza's gone now! haha.

Thanks! :D

Oh, definitely! Hey, I should have put that in the description! I will do that on my next edit. :nod:
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:( Oh, how come?

:XD: Ummm, you don't need to do that you know. Well, technically by the rules here you do, but you don't have to. :p
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Ooh, nice poster. Good colour and structure. :)
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