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Summer Fiesta 08 flyer

Oh yeah. lol.
"It took me like three hours to finish the shading on your upper lip. It's probably the best drawing I've ever done."

I shouldn't blow my own trumpet but this is hot. haha. Doesn't mean everyone will agree but I love designing stuff that I really like the look of.

Anyway, it's a flyer for a Christian youth summer camp. You can see a teaser promo for it here: [link]

Yep so I think that's about it. It's an A5 brochure that folds out to an A3 poster for your wall. :)
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Looks awesome!!
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Your church must be on the cutting edge of advertising and graphic design to put something this awesome into the hands of the youth and young adults. (18+19 year olds)
I love your style and this is really eye-popping good!!!

I have tried to work within and for so many churches to help them reach the youth and to bring the church's into the modern age of advertising and such, it has been a very difficult ordeal.

I wish I knew how to get them to see what can be done, like your amazing work.
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Thank you so much for your kind words!! :)
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good work

My own suggestion is the use of a different font because the font you used does do the job but I feel it doesnt pack the "wow, thats hot" punch.
I love this and thanks for the tip on how you made it look folded. after 6 years of photoshop I always get my designed printed and then professionally photographed and have wasted a lot of money so im now gonna try it your way. Please send me a message or note on the fonts u used and also the background brushes you have used as it will be very helpful on future projects A* mateee!!!!
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This is overkill! AMAZING WORK! :D I love the colors and the texture
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nice colors and layout!
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incredible work man!!
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I need this font for a upcoming project... What is it and where can I get it?? Send me a note PLEASE!!!!!

Thanks! And great work on this BTW
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I think it's called Red October
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Thanks.... Found it!
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Gosh i LOVE your stuff! how do you do it and where do you get them printed so nicely?!
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aww thanks heaps.
well that isn't a photo of the actual printed flyer or anything. i just put that together in Photoshop.
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on how to do it in photoshop?
Well to make it look like it's folded and 3D I get each side of the brochure on a different layer and then I go to Edit > Transform > Skew and then I drag the left or right edge of the shape down or up so it sorta looks 3D but then you have to scale it's width because at that point it will look longer than it's supposed to be..... perspective and all that. Or if you want a more exaggerated perspective look you can use the Distort tool and experiment but dragging the corners around. (Edit > Transform > Distort). This only works with things that are flat though... like pieces of paper.

Hope that helps in some way. :)
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