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Copyright Notice and Image Usage Information

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 21, 2017, 3:41 AM
In order to clear things up and spare the time, here are conditions you may or may not use my works for

Image Usage

I do like to support fellow artists and i'm happy to know i'm able to inspire artistic creations of any medium.
Therefore you are free to use any of my works for drawings/paintings/illustrations/etc. as a reference.
Permission is not required and i'll be happy to see any of the end results! :la:
HOWEVER, they cannot be used for print/merchandise/commercial, also profit purposes,
in which licensing and written permission would be required; as well as for competitions,
because recreation of someone else work would give a credit only to technic and it would be unfair.

Also in any case you must give a clear CREDIT to me and link back to my website/userpage.
(see the links at the end of the article) 

BUT my works are NOT STOCK images. You may not use my works in manipulations or designs, including but not limited to:
book covers, book illustrations, websites, layouts, tubes, wallpapers, banners, blogs, CDs, posters, etc. 

I concider it a commercial use. For licensing enquiries please email at

Prints Purchases

Prints bought from the deviantART print store or directly from myself are solely for collection purposes.
Buying prints does not grant you rights or licenses to use and reproduce any of my works.

P.S. Anyway, if you have some special case, just write me a note and we'll see what could be done :highfive:

links to me

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:iconannabelial: More from AnnaBelial

DeviantArt Eclipse. First impressions, Beta test!

so, as a beta tester i have an opportunity to try out a renewed DA early on.

First of all a front page browse and watch. Shop, Groups and Forums has a redirect link to an old version of the site. So nothing interesting there to show

I have to say, as most of the new stuff, it's confusing and feels not very intuitive. I had to search for stash folder few times before i got it where they hide it

I think the design is slick and modern, looks pretty good in a dark theme (yes, there are dark and light mode! ), especially on Retina display. BUT on the standart screen the grey shades of browse/watch/etc. are less readable, especially when there is a white background involved in a dark theme (i didn't test a white mode yet!) I also have to say the upper raw iconds do look a bit blurry on both screens. But mostly everything is optimised for a retina display and looiks nicely sharp

Next is a profile

i have to say i was confused for picture and gallery submission at the beggining, but i think i got it know. it's actually a good feature, don't get me wrong! Will show you previews for journal submissions later

Btw, one can have a cover picture now

'about me' page looks a bit empty imo. and i also noticed DA goes in the comissions direction. I have no idea how sites like artstation or alike handles it, so no comparisons from me!

as i mentioned before, the stash isn't in by the submissions anymore, but under the profile icon.

submission was also changed a bit. firstly a content type and category. I feel like they go in the direction of tags now...

+ new features, or something

there is this see more under the submission, which i personally don't really like. i think less space for tags and more for what an artist wants to say Location and model is just 'browse' mode for this words. dunno what i expected

one can submit status update from any place on DA now

here is a notification bar and notes with a small bugg. they build a neat feature for responding for a llama with a llama from the inside of the notifications. I want it for every notification, please!

and what everyone has been waiting for! the changes to a core membership

Sooooo... i have to use it a bit more, but it#s definitely not a bad site. it's different, feels strange, still raw (it's beta, please), but it's progress! things have to change from time to time and just because we are use to something doesn't mean it's good. I mean, we'll get used to this too. Hope for other changes, about content and mature filter, etc. etc. I'm feeling positive!

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December 21, 2017


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