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so anna wanted me to write it out because she was going to bed soon xD SO 1st place goes to! *drum rolls* ~DoorFairy ( you did one fucking amazing job on the art!!! jut oh my gerdd! it's to die for!! we loved it so much so you ranked 1st! congratz! what you get- -1 Full Body by Annabear1211 ( 2 custom by Annabear1211 ( 1 Bust by Annabear1211 ( One Collab with Annabear1211 ( 1 Full-Body and Custom by Amellia-Rose ( 2 fullbodies from CottonKandii ( 1 pagedoll by me Shoyo-chann ( A Closed Species (that I have rights to or own) Custom with one rare trait (this will get a base-edit and a traditional sketch of it) and a full-bo

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