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??verse: Triton

(Looks at the last time I posted) .....well I’m not dead!!! XD so, HAHA!!! But I’m bbaaccckkk!!!I’ll be trying to post more but with our world right now, school is 10x worse so I need to focus on that but that won’t stop me from drawing and posting

Name: Triton
Parents: Hoops and Fluttershy
Siblings: None (there will be another soon)
Age: 19
Nickname: Triton, My little cub (ONLY called that by Fluttershy), and Tin Tin (called that by best friends only)
Cutie Mark: Triton’s cutie mark is an actually triton with a sea horse around it. Triton is a great flyer but for an actual sport, he’s a swimmer. He likes to do thing that most ponies normally would never do and tries to prove to be something else besides his parents. He also likes to study sea creatures

Bio: Triton is the first born of Fluttershy and Hoops. Triton is a very quiet colt that doesn’t speak much to others. He tries to stay out of ponies way but tries to be involved sometimes as well. Because of his quietness, it was hard for him as a young colt to make some friends. He didn’t really trust a lot of ponies because he believed they would judge him. But after a whole meeting with the other main six, Triton met his two best friends that day, Belinda and Anastasia. You might think, “oh! No colt friends, that’s weird” well, it wasn’t for him though. He wasn’t that type of colt that judge anypony and since they didn’t judge him, he became wonderful friends with them. Of course, they would tell each other their most darkest secrets. Triton loves his family very much as well. Yes, sometimes his father and him don’t see eye to eye but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his father. Triton and Fluttershy get along very well. He was very much attached to her as a kid but grew out of that as he made more friends. When he finally got to the age of 5, he learned how to swim and discovered that it was his favorite thing! So much so that he made it his own career by becoming the first Pegasus on the swim team. He might have been judged a lot as a colt, but that didn’t stop him for making his dreams come true

God it feels so good posting again. I know a lot of you have asked and I’m not..back back but I’m definitely around haha

Please go check out Venommocity she has great contact as well and is apart of this verse :D

Triton belongs to: Venom and Me
Bio and Art made by: Me

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omg he's STUNNING

first of all i'm living for the cloudy freckles on his face and wings. so cute!! he looks so moody but in the best way. i love that he doesn't exactly follow in either of his parent's footsteps. he's not afraid of flying like Fluttershy, but he's also not as obsessed with flying as Hoops probably is either. he's a swimmer instead. i think that's super neat!! i'm glad he was able to find friends eventually, and it's so sweet that he pursued swimming despite his fear of being judged. he was so passionate about it that bullies didn't even matter. i love him so much!!! ;-; and welcome back, but not back-back lol. hope you're doing well!!

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AH!! I was waiting for your comment hehe, it always makes me smile

Also, IM SO GLAD YOU LIKE HIM!! It took me a REALLY long time to figure out his concept because there’s not a lot of Flutterhoop kids so, I really had to think outside the box. But, yes hehe, this boy goes through a lot of crap but doesn’t care at the same time hehe. But yes I am back hehe, and I am doing well, I hope you are too
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hehe sorry i took so long!! i haven't been around in a while but i was truly blessed when i saw this in my notifs

yeah i honestly really love what you've done with him. also i can't believe i forgot to say something about his cutie mark!! such a cool concept, and i love the overall color theme of his design. i can totally picture him chilling at the beach and lowkey blending in with the sand, not just cuz of his coat, but because he's truly that connected with the ocean lol

glad to hear it!! i'm doing well too (:

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Haha it ok!! We all get busy and I know school is 100% hard on a lot of people right now, so I’m not worried about it hehe. But I’m glad you got excited when you saw this. I’m actually about to post my last discord child tonight as well hehe

And aawwww!!! Thank you?! That also took me forever to figure out haha. I wanted to bring in the animal side from Fluttershy into Triton in some way. And what is better than sea creatures! Perfect for his talent I’ll say haha
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oooo!!! yay i'm super excited to see that!! lookin forward to it

yeah that's a solid idea tbh, his interest in marine life/science and his love of water just fits so well, for his own character and in connection to his parents. but also not in a way that makes him exactly like one of them. he's got his own individual interests, i really love that!!

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Haha yes!! Get ready for it!! Because soon the drama will come (evil laugh) god I miss being on here 🤣

But yes!! I’m really glad you like the concept! I think I’m more excited to see these lovely characters in your style! It’ll be so cool to see!! (Of course when you have the time haha)
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