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??verse: Belinda

Here’s the second one!!! Well technically third....but HERE SHE IS FOLKS!!!

Name: Belinda (Real Name: Rose Gingergold)
Parents: Applejack and Starlight
Siblings: None (for now, soon I’ll make a brother in the future)
Age: 19
Nickname: Bella, Linda (she’s ok with the nickname but the name is only used as joke sometimes), Rosie (called that ONLY by Applejack), Goldie (never call her that...ever!), and her full name (she does not to be called by her full name, there’s a reason why)
Cutiemark: A lot of people might think that since Belinda is Applejack’s daughter she would have a cutiemark that has something to do with apples.....well NOT THIS MARE HAHA. As you can see, it’s a serpent “spitting” out some magic. But that magic is actually perfume smell. Belinda makes perfume for a living and actually she uses her tiny horn to make perfumes that can contain magic in them. For example, if she makes a tropical perfume, the smell will smell like tropical stuff like mango and coconuts, but, the magic part can take you to a tropical place like a beach
Future Spouse: None (she will have one....maybe idk she’s a stubborn mare haha)

Bio: Belinda is the first child of Applejack and Starlight. Since she is the daughter of a powerful unicorn, a lot of ponies think she would use her magic all the time and become a wizard...well that’s not the case. She is actually the complete OPPOSITE of Starlight. Since she was born with a small horn, it’s very hard for her to use her magic but actually, contains a LOT of magic. Starlight put her through magic school and kind of...pushed her to be something that Bella knew she didn’t want to be. One day while Starlight was talking to Twilight, she walked into a class where Sunset was teaching about magic and how to create different spells. Sunset saw little Bella and helped her up as she continued her lesson. Bella wanted to try what Mrs, Sunset was doing and she mixed two different spells to create a Apple scent like her home. But she love the smell so much that she put it in a spray bottle and squirt it in class. Everypony, including Sunset loved the smell so much, that’s where she got her cutiemark. Starlight saw the glow and ran to see what was going on and saw her daughter was getting her cutiemark. Starlight was so happy and ready to see her cutiemark, thinking it would do something with magic, but instead, turned out to be a...snake?! Starlight was mortified and said, “This must be a mistake! My daughter isn’t like this! Not my Goldie.” Little Goldie (at the time) was confused and didn’t understand why her mother was so unhappy, but luckily, she has Mrs. Sunset, her mama Applejack, and the rest of her family close friends, their full support, besides her mother. Belinda learned that her mother didn’t like her choices she had made and has a rotten relationship with Starlight and stopped having a bond with her after her little brother was born. She grew up to be a very...cold, sassy little mare who doesn’t take crap from anypony and hides her emotions very well from others, so she doesn’t get hurt just like her mother did to her years ago

What? Tea in ??verse....why yes there is!!! I’m excited to write the stories with Venommocity

Go check out the others:

Belinda belongs to: Venom and Me
Art and Bio made by: Me

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Hey that looks nice
How’s the request going?
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the cutie mark idea!! IMMACULATE. Fr tho her cutie mark is epic, if only Starlight could see that

I think it's super interesting that AJ is the accepting one (in terms of the cutie mark and Belinda's career choice). From the show it seemed to be taboo in the Apple family to not have an apple-related cutie mark. Or at least, Apple Bloom's paranoia about it made it seem like it was. But I really do get that from AJ, I don't think she'd be disappointed at all. Obviously Starlight's got some more reforming to do ):<

I love her eyebrow slit omg. Also her mane colors are so pretty!! and she's got a tattoo what an i c o n

Really love your ideas for ??verse so far ;-; So excited!!

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Honestly not gonna lie......she kind of looks like you from the whole face appearance......weird...XD
But yes! I thought of her having a bad relationship with Starlight would spice things up! Because you know me by now haha. But yes, she grew up a very hard life after she gotten her cutie mark and went through a lot of things with the Apple family. But luckily, with her best friends, Anastasia and (non binary pony Tempest x Pinkie) she got through a lot of pain and sadness. And of course, competition comes into play when her little brother was born, because he was lil Starlight star but unfortunately, doesn’t have the power like Belinda

Haha yes, I thought giving her that punk look would suit her, and if you want to hear more of what I have with the story then I can note you, but I know you get busy
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i dyed my hair tik tok alt style with like the two blonde streaks at the front lol so i 100% see it. rest of my hair is PITCH black omg she's my twin

Awww ;-; A good group of friends to get her through each day. Just like Twilight. Ooooo interesting, maybe Starlight was excited to have a son because it's like a fresh slate almost?? Since Belinda "failed" as her daughter, maybe she tries to shape her second child into the kid she always wanted. Either way, if Starlight favors Belinda's little bro just because that's gotta hurt no matter what

No worries!! It takes me forever to respond nowadays but I try ;-;

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But omg that’s really crazy.....ok I didn’t do that on purpose you know but YES you’re little twin....I LOVE IT!
Yes, she does have good friends by her side no matter what. And actually, that’s what basically Starlight did. She saw her powerful daughter fail to be something SHE wanted her to be and now has a second chance with her son but still has issues with him because his magic isn’t as strong enough as Belinda. That’s why he hates her so much is because she has something that he doesn’t to make his mommy proud

But yes, I’ll note you and honestly that’s ok lol
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YES LMAO i'm gonna re-dye it tho, probably to a light brown so she won't be my twin anymore ): I LOVE IT WHILE IT LASTS THOUGH

Yeah that's pretty awful 💀 Now Starlight's son isn't gonna have a life because Starlight's gonna try to shape him into this perfect lil kid that she's idolized in her head for years. Not a great plan. She's destroying her relationship with both her kids yikes

Thanks for understanding 🥺

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YES!! But hey?! She is our child so technically she will still be your twin no matter what 🤣🤣

And yeah, Starlight story in this verse is gonna be interesting not gonna lie, but luckily Applejack will be there for the sake of her two kids
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