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??verse: Anastasia

Welcome to ??verse!!! So, my buddy Venommocity and I thought that us making a while another universe would be fun....SO HERE WE GO!!!

Name: Anastasia
Parents: King Tirek and Queen Rarity
Siblings: None (might make another, not sure)
Age: 18
Nickname: Ana, Barbie (called that by most ponies), The Ugly Step Sister (called that by ponies who have seen her true self)
Cutiemark: Since Ana took most of her genes from her father, she doesn’t have a cutiemark. But she does have a talent. Anastasia feeds off of...”ugliness”. She would see some pony that is not that attractive and would feed off of that to make them beautiful. For example, if she sees somepony having bad acne, she would use her magic and take it away from the pony to make them beautiful. She uses her magic for good because of her own insecurities
Future Spouse: none (for now haha!!)

Bio: Anastasia is the first born child of King Tirek and Queen Rarity. A lot of ponies think since she is the daughter of Rarity that she would be the most beautiful pony in the world, well....that’s not technically true. Since her father is Tirek, she took more of the monster side and was born with six eyes. So because of that, she hides her face from the world and wear a bunch of jewelry so ponies don’t pay attention to her face. She of course, has a lot of conflicts with her mother because of her not being “beautiful” enough but she still respects her as a pony. Ana owns a beauty shop where she works with ponies who want to be more “beautiful”. The thing is, she shows all creature that every pony has true beauty inside of them, something unfortunately she can’t see for herself

AH!! I’m so excited for all of you to see Ana!! Go check out Venommocity and Daybreak!!!


Anastasia belongs to: Venom and Me
Bio and Art made by: Me

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AHHH!!! Thank you so much!!! I’m glad you like her ^^
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Omg this is beautiful
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Awww thank you!!! I really appreciate it ^^
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um, so like, this is amazing
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HAHA!! Thank you so much, I’m glad you like it ^^
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Haha thank you ^^
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Owo but don’t forget to check out Daybreak!! Sorry, my friend and I are just excited
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I think I already seen them lol
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Ye, I'm watching her uwu but I'm barely on here
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Haha nice and I’ve notice that, is there a reason why?
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the six eyes omg ;-;-; Such a cool detail!! Love how she looks almost nothing like Momma Rare. It almost looks like she inherited a few of Scorpan's colors (Tirek's brother) which is epic! I definitely feel for her though, poor girl is gonna grow up mega tall and feel so off in a world of ponies. Especially cuz her Daddo literally destroyed the entire Equestria

She's so cute even if she thinks she's not ;-; I love her fangs!! I love that she still has a special talent, and that she tries to be the best she can be by helping others. Definitely sounds like she took after Rarity's generosity there! Can't wait to draw her too :D

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And awwww I’m glad you like her?!?! Yes she didn’t take much from Momma Rare. And I wanted her to be....a little different than from what I’ve seen other people do if Tirek x Rarity, so I’m really happy with this design. And girl I can NOT wait until you draw her, she’s gonna look so CUTE in you’re style

And yes, her talent does take a lot of Rarity’s generosity
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Yes! She's super unique I love her ;-; I'm excited to draw her but very worried about those hands lmao drawing hands sCARES me

this poor Drama Child i wanna protect her she doesn't deserve the hate

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Yeah! Awww I’m really glad you like her and haha did you not think I had an issue with the hands??? Those were the hardest thing throughout this drawing
And yes, her story will be...dark, but hey, we’re gonna make it happy towards the end
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