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Sneak Peak: The Four Elements

Welcome to my new little world I’m making!! Yes, these are my first human ocs (besides me haha) but I’ll be also making stories for them. Each of them will be going through issues that some people have to go through everyday life and some other things as well. They are also super heroes from past element which I’ll get there soon, so here we go!!

Astrid (Ash):
Meet Astrid, the element of water. Astrid is a girl that you do NOT want to mess with. She is the type of girl that doesn’t take crap from anyone and she’ll make it that VERY clear. Ash has been through a lot of dark things in her past, she doesn’t like talking about but will eventually tell her new friends the truth about who she is

Treyton (Trey) who is also made by TheBlue-Moonz :
Meet Trenton, the element of fire. Trey is a very tough kid and one of the most popular kids in school. He also has to deal with a lot of things at home, he....doesn’t like talking about that. But, after you get to know him, he is actually one of the sweetest people that you could ever meet, he just doesn’t like showing that side of him

Garima (Rima):
Meet Garima, the element of earth. Garima is the most happiest person you probably will ever meet and the only happy one out of her whole school. She likes having a positive attitude and loves making people happy. The only reason for that is because of her insecurities. With her Indian family who is always making sure she is the best of the best, it’s hard for her at times which causes her to have these insecurities

Jeremiah (Jeremy):
Meet Jeremiah, the element of air. Jeremy is probably one of the nicest people you’ll meet at the school. He is kind and will be there for people when they need it. Jeremy also comes from a Christian home, which a lot of people think he has a perfect life, which he does. But, he keeps secrets from his family

AAHHHH!!! Look at my bbs!!! I really hope you guys like the idea so far. I’m not sure when the stories will start to come out BUT I’m hoping pretty soon. If you guys have any question, feel free to ask me but if i don’t tell you everything, it’s because I want to keep some things as a surprise

OCs all belong to: Me

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i ship trey and jeremy and you can’t stop me >w<
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Haha!!! Omg I knew that was coming, and actually fun little thing, Jeremy is secretly gay, but Trey is straight sssoo that’s tea, but you can ship them if you want, I’ll add some spice into the story haha
Annabear1211's avatar
HAHA!!!! Omg!!!!

God I love this
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ASKJDFNSDLC I LOVE THEM SO MUCH?? I'm so curious to see where this goes :000 My favorites are Treyton and Garima ajkdsnsdlc- I need to protect them all tho-

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KANDMSIDNFEJ THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I really appreciate that. And if you have any question then you can ask me haha and yes, I love my bbs either ways so
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NO PROBLEM AA- I don't have any questions right now, but I might in the future owowo

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HAHA!! And alright!! Just note me if ya like ^^
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