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Seleneverse: Queen Twilight and King Flash

I wanted to do something a little different with Twilight and Flash. I think their look is great and you’ll see more to come

Bio: After Twilight Sparkle became Queen Of Friendship, she was busy busy busy. She didn’t have time for relationships or even thinking about dating anypony. One day, she had to pick new knight guards in her kingdom since most of them were too old and weren’t able to do it anymore. She picked a lot of males and females, and she didn’t mind most of them. Shining Armor and Flash Sentry were there to train all of the knights that Twilight has chosen, they worked about two months since Shining Armor wanted to protect his baby sister, but unfortunately, that wasn’t enough. Twilight was up late one night in the library working on some royal work when she heard and huge bang. She turned and saw colts that wanted to steal her crown and tried to kill her as well. Twilight of course defended herself as much as she could until she was hit in the back by one of the colts. Shining Armor and Flash Sentry came as soon they heard the bang and saw Twilight unconscious. Shining was furious and attacked the colts. Flash went over to check on Twilight and protected her as the colts started to attack him. Lucky for them, more guards came and arrested the colts. It turns out that they were homeless colts that needed the money and thought attacking the queen was the best option. Twilight was in a coma for a few more hours and found out what happened when she had awoken up. Flash was by her side the whole time, making sure that she was alright. At that moment, Shining made him Twilight’s Personal Royal Guard. He was very honored to be by Twilight’s side and to get closer to her as a friend. A year went by, Twilight and Flash became very close friends and soon, they became lovers. Flash, unfortunately, had to go to war with Chrysalis’s army and was gone for months. Twilight felt really alone and wanted Flash to come back, but knew he had to do his job, so, she continued on being Queen and waited for her love to get home. After four months, Twilight gets news that Flash got attacked by changelings that were uncovered. He got beat up, for cuts in his neck, and even lost his sight on his right eye. Twilight immediately went down to the area that Flash was in and comforted him until he woke up. Twilight was there for weeks and begged Flash to come back home with her. Flash wanted to finish the job but promised her that he’ll be by her side for the rest of his life. Soon after that, the war ended a couple of weeks later and when Flash got home, he proposed to Twilight and told her that he’ll never leave her side again. They soon got married and lived a happy life where both of them were grateful to have each other

Their kids: 
Selene Sentry:… 
Helios Sentry:…
Aurora Sparkle:…
Wow that was a lot!! I really hope you guys love this story AND if you have ANY questions in mind, just ask!

Twilight and Flash belong to: Hasbro
Redesigns created by: Me

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hhhhhhhhhhh god your design of Twi is so fucking prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Annabear1211's avatar
Awww!!! Thank you?! I’m so glad you like it hehe
Venommocity's avatar
YES!! Been waiting for this!! :D Absolutely in love with Twilight's redesign. The darker colors suit her so well!! Also love her accessories, reminds me a lot of Celestia and Luna's princess-y vibe

Poor Flash gettin all hurt like that ;-; But it's definitely in character for him, given that he's a royal guard and all. I also love the GuardxPrincess to lovers thing it's literally my favorite ;-; I like the parallel in the story where Flash is there to comfort Twilight when she's injured and Twi does the same for him after! Adds a nice sense of equality and love between the two of them. So happy to see you posting tidbits of your verse, my eyes will be WIDE open ready for more content :D
Annabear1211's avatar
Aawww!!! Thank you so much?!?! I really appreciate the compliments back ^^ and yes, I was trying to give Twilight a look just like the princesses since she was a queen now

And yes, Flash’s back story is a little sad because his own father was a guard himself but unfortunately got killed during war after First Base (Flash’s little brother) was born. But lucky for Flash, he didn’t die, but told himself that he wanted to start his own family and wanted to be in his kids life as they grow up. So, he was happy to be with Twilight
Minima221's avatar
This is really cool! I love your design for Twilight <3
Annabear1211's avatar
Awww thank you so much!! ^^ I really appreciate it <3
F-ishyCookies's avatar

Hi yes their designs are fucking beautiful???? Twi's duller colors are p e r f e c t and I didn't know I needed this until now-
Annabear1211's avatar
Awwww?!?! God you’re so sweet!! I had a lot of fun with Twilight, it took me like...two days? And I really appreciate that you like this so much!!

If you don’t mind me asking him what did you think of the story?
F-ishyCookies's avatar
Aaaaaa you're really sweet too tho!! I honestly wanna redesign Twi now-

Also nah I don't mind!! The story is really creative, I feel bad for Flash although I'm glad they're all okay now :")
Annabear1211's avatar
Aaawwww!!! Yes do it!?

Awww thank you! And yes, Twilight was in shock for what happened but she was glad that he was still alive
F-ishyCookies's avatar
Yesssss imma draw it now-

Np! Ye I'm also happy they're both still alive :")
Annabear1211's avatar

Haha yes, but sadly, sad stories will come very soon, not for them, but for others
F-ishyCookies's avatar
Oh heck drama-

I'm excited but scared lmao
Annabear1211's avatar
Haha you should be!!!

Just kidding but some stories will be really sad
Broken-Priest's avatar
Ooo I love Twilights redesign!! It's so pretty and unique!!
Annabear1211's avatar
Awww thank you so much!! I really appreciate it ^^

And if you don’t mind me asking, what did you think of the story??
Broken-Priest's avatar
Of course! It's true!!

The story is really cute!! Honestly, so cute!!
Annabear1211's avatar

Awww thank you!!! I really appreciate it
Annabear1211's avatar
Haha you like it??
EmoSnek's avatar
Yush X'D ya did an amazing job on them!
Annabear1211's avatar
Awww thank you!! What do you think of the story?
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