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Seleneverse: Applejack and Spike

We back at it again folks!!! Yes?! I’m so excited to get into this story because of the drama?!

Bio: As the mane six grew, so did feelings. Spike was busy all the time, especially since he was Twilight’s friendship assistant. He never really had time for relationships until he saw Applejack after a whole year. Applejack became a very busy mare as well and made the Apple Farm grow 10x its size. She became a mare that everypony knew around the world. Unfortunately, she injured her back one day while moving some trees around and couldn’t do much for the next six months. She was panicking! Applebloom was away for college during the time and Big Mac was living with Sugar Belle in her hometown! Applejack had no help what so ever, until Spike came and helped Applejack out. So for the past six months, Spike was doing a lot of farm work and getting to know more about Applejack personally. They both grew a fond of each other and soon, started to become more than just friends. Soon after, Spike was packing his stuff to move back into the castle until Applejack asked him to stay with her, permanently. He didn’t fight with her though. The mane six were very happy for their relationship, it was odd, but they all supported them either way. After a year went by, Spike asked Applejack to be his wife and became the new married couple. But, that’s where the issues started happening.

After Applejack gave birth to their first son, Johnny Apple, Spike did his best to support his family as much as he could. But, since he was busy 24/7 of the time, he never got to spend time with Johnny. Johnny would always ask when Spike was coming home and Applejack never knew what to say to her poor son. Applejack talked to Spike about this but sometbing was changing in him. It’s like he didn’t WANT to come home at all anymore. Why was that? One night, Applejack just put Johnny to sleep when Spike came home all drunk. She was confused and didn’t understand why he was all drunk. Applejack lead him towards the couch and covered him with a blanket as he passed out. The next morning, Spike pretended like nothing happened and went back to work. Applejack knew something was up, and wanted to know. So, one day she followed him to work and come to find out he’s been going out drinking every night! Twilight, I guess, been stopping giving Spike so much work so he could spend time with his family, but I guess he wasn’t doing that at all. Applejack confronted him at the bar and took him straight home. When they got home, she yelled and screamed at him for doing all of this instead of taking care of their son and seeing him all the time. Spike completely understood what she said and promised to try harder. And he did. He did well for two months and it was the last two months of good memories for Applejack.

Spike, once again, started going out to bar and drinking but it would get 10x worse. He would get so drunk, he’ll black out on the side of the sidewalk and be missing for the night. Once, he was missing for three days! Applejack was freaking out and trying to calm herself down because during this time, she was pregnant once again. Twilight and the others went on a search for him. They’ve searched for hours until Fluttershy and Discord found him in an alley, all messing and past out. They took him to the hospital to find out he was drunk, STILL!! Applejack was FURIOUS?! She couldn’t believe that Spike went back to do the one thing she ever asked him not to do. Twilight had no idea about this problem and decided to take him to get some help. Spike didn’t want to though, he would avoid it as much as possible but Twilight forced him. This lasted for weeks and he seemed to be better again. Twilight was happy for him and started back up with work once more...well, that’s what they all thought. Spike instead got more smarter. If he couldn’t drink in Ponyville, why did it matter if he drank with other dragons? Spike would start telling Applejack about these trips he had to take for friendship work. Applejack was sketchy at first but she trusted him. And so, he would be gone for weeks and weeks without Applejack knowing of him being drunk. Well, he ran into an old friend, Ember

Ember knew about this issue for a while. Twilight has been telling her since Ember was one of Spike’s closest friend. Ember was utterly disgusted by the choices Spike was making and actually, cut him out of her life. It broke her heart but, she deeply had a crush on him but she kept it a secret since he was married to Applejack. Ember found Spike at one of the most popular places to be for dragons and immediately took him out of there. She was so furious and angry that she was about to yell at him until he kissed her right in the spot. Now, she wanted the pull back, she did! But since those little feelings were still inside her, she gave in and unfortunately, she regrets that night very much.

Spike stopped his “trip” and immediately went back to Ponyville. After the night with Ember, he was ashamed of himself! How could he do such a thing to his poor wife! Who has never deserved any of his shit?! He wanted to go and tell her but....he was nervous and scared. Applejack was pregnant with his daughter and he already has a son! He couldn’t do this to her! It’ll break her heart! So he decided, to go to another bar and drank some more, like he always does. Ever since he’s been back, the drinking has gotten worse than before. Applejack would get yelled at by Spike every night that she became EXTREMELY depressed. Her colors and cutiemark started to fade and she even started LYING to her very own friends and family because she didn’t want them to know the truth about her marriage. Spike didn’t even show up when their daughter, Spicy Apple, was born. She didn’t know how much more she could take....until one night. Spike got home once again, drunk. He turned and looked at Applejack who was standing in the kitchen and walking to the living room to talk to him. She mention how she’s been feeling and how she thinks the marriage just doesn’t work anymore. Spike started yelling and screaming so much so, that it work up Johnny Apple. Johnny was two at the time but knew more about this dram than any other pony. He walked down the hall quiet and listened and watched as his own father and yelling at his mother. Applejack stood there and tried to fight back happened. All Johnny saw was Spike’s claw going up and hitting Applejack directly on her face. Applejack fall and immediately was shaking in fear. She never thought in her life would Spike lay a claw on her...but this wasn’t her Spike anymore

After Spike went to bed that night, Applejack packed her stuff, took HER kids and left without a word. She went into hiding because she knew exactly Spike would come and find her. Applejack went to Twilight and told her everything. About him drinking, cheating on her, and...the claw Mark. Twilight was mortified! She immediately called a meeting and with the help of the mane six, Applejack went into hiding with her very good friend, Coloratura. Days and days Spike went searching for Applejack but nothing. Not even a single letter left behind. Big Mac and the rest of the family already knew and kicked Spike out of his own home, or, what was his home. Spike went to each of the main six and they wouldn’t tell her where she was at! Spike was devastated. He regretted everything he has done?! The only place he could go was the dragon empire. Spike went back to her Ember and to find out she got pregnant with his child. Spike was happy but also...very upset. He told Ember everything about what happened and Ember comforted him, but was very disappointed in him.

Months went by and finally, Applejack appeared once again in front of Spike’s eyes. He was so happy to see she was ok! Spike sat down with her and talked everything out. He knew things are different now but that he wanted to change! But Applejack wanted it different. She wanted a divorce. Spike heart broke but was for the best for both of them. And soon after, they did get a divorce and went they separate ways. Spike did got to see the kids but had a hard time with Johnny, especially since no pony knew what he saw that night. Applejack did remarried to Coloratura. She was the happiest mare you could have ever seen. Yes, she has a scar to remind her of the dark memories but with Coloratura by her side, and soon more kids, she wouldn’t trade anything. Spike also remarried to Ember and became a changed dragon. He was a better father to his future Kida with Ember and was a great king to the dragon empire. You might think this was all sad for them but in reality, it was the best decision that they both have made.

Applejack and Spike’s kids:

Johnny Apple:…
Spicy Apple:…

Applejack and Coloratura’s kids:

Pink Floyd:
Melody Blue:
Sour Apple:
Pumpkin Spice:

Spike and Ember’s kids:

Shadow Crystal:
Lapis Lazuli:
Hey, I know this is super long but I wanted to give you guy an idea on how all of this has happened and how the story line is gonna go. Unfortunately, there were some info I’ve left out and you must wait until the art pieces hehe, but!! In other words, I hope you guys like it!!

Applejack, Spike, Coloratura, and Ember belong to: Hasbro

Redesigns made by: Me

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I wanna hug AJ after reading that. I don't usually read next gen stuff that involves breakups or toxic households cause it only reminds me of my own. But damn, that was good
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Awww!! I’m really glad you took the time and read the whole thing. I know it sucks to read something like this because these are real life events that do happen. The purpose to my stories in next gems is to relate in some way with people and for people to understand what others go through that they don’t talk about

But thank you! I really appreciated this comment and I’m sorry to hear about your home life, I do hope it gets better for you
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events almost like this happens in my family, my family is toxic as hell, parents aren't together anymore

my moms boyfriend is annoying as hell

and my dad is far away, so I can't see him or my lil brother qwq

shit just messed up in my life qwq

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Awwww I know, it’s sad to see what people go through in life. But that’s why I write these stories so people can relate or so others can understand
But at leas you have some good people in your life to cheer you up
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Thank you, ❤️
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You’re very welcome ❤️
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:0 you said a bad word!! Never have I ever seen you say Shit

But this is depressing haha qwq
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NENDNSD I love how that’s the thing you notice out of this WHOLE writing lol and I try not to on here but with this, it was necessary

XD yeah, it’s pretty bad, especially with the....claw Mark.....0-0
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XD I just had to say something >:0 I never seen ya cuss so skks

Also sounds like my stories ngl qwq
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XDD I am an adult you know? Haha

Haha yyyeesahhh’s bad in this. Then Johnny has issues with his dad and Spicy doesn’t understand and it just one big mess
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It's just news to me, I must write notes about this

Note one: Anna said Shit >:0

XD jk

Ik child, I hope ya didn't get this from me >:0 I say shit a lot back when we rped and bitch and other words too XD I cuss a lot

Awe poor Johnny qwq
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Haha omg XDD I can’t stop laughing

“Today on this VERY day! Anna said SHIT!”


Oh no No, I had this idea SO long ago before you even created Rip so no, haha, but it’s crazy how similar it is

And yeah, it’s gets pretty bad with this. But if you have questions, you can note me and ask
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"Anna dares say Shit without my permission??!?!"


Also ah, I had Rip for over a year now
I created him in 2019 when I was getting into TurboFAST

Also okii
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XDDD oh my gggoodddd

Haha I know! I remember the day he was created
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