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Hi awesome deviant-artists, Whai hai thar :hai: 
let's play a game: the picture below is a study for an oil painting I made years ago, the painting has been sold to Asahi Gallery in Japan, I lost track of it ever since and I'm now wandering where it can be. If you think you saw it, can you comment on this journal?

Much love,Star! 

Anna Maria 

The Roar by AnnaArt89
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This is the note I received from 

hello. sorry to bother you. but you need to know this.
the group '' YoutubeArtist '' is a fake
its runned by a bot and the guy that set it made a new bot group every 3-4 week. its a complicated story but its a treat to deviantart. those group are violating many DA rule, suspected of art thief and are using treat to force people to stay in the page and to go on a youtube page and subscribe. he is also distording DA rule AND YouTube rule to get his own view up and abuse DA member AND YouTube member. i suggest you report all future bot group and keep a close look to weird email asking for art featuring request. this problem will be regulated as soon as enough people report it.
more explicative evidence here: 
thank you for your understanding. from a DA user.

Also look at these:

If you read this please spread the word

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