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More baby pinecones by Anna1110 More baby pinecones :iconanna1110:Anna1110 4 0 Baby Pinecones by Anna1110 Baby Pinecones :iconanna1110:Anna1110 1 0 That one random kitten by Anna1110 That one random kitten :iconanna1110:Anna1110 5 3 Mama cat aka Pie by Anna1110 Mama cat aka Pie :iconanna1110:Anna1110 2 0 Blackbeard by Anna1110 Blackbeard :iconanna1110:Anna1110 4 0 My kittens by Anna1110 My kittens :iconanna1110:Anna1110 3 11 Untitled by Anna1110 Untitled :iconanna1110:Anna1110 2 0 Wolf adopt 2 points by Anna1110 Wolf adopt 2 points :iconanna1110:Anna1110 0 0 Dragon by Anna1110 Dragon :iconanna1110:Anna1110 1 0 Free commission 3 by Anna1110 Free commission 3 :iconanna1110:Anna1110 0 2 Free commission 2 by Anna1110 Free commission 2 :iconanna1110:Anna1110 1 5 Free commission 1 by Anna1110 Free commission 1 :iconanna1110:Anna1110 1 2 CHEAP ADOPTABLE [OPEN] by Anna1110 CHEAP ADOPTABLE [OPEN] :iconanna1110:Anna1110 4 0 Free adoptable! [CLOSED] by Anna1110 Free adoptable! [CLOSED] :iconanna1110:Anna1110 2 5 Dream. by Anna1110 Dream. :iconanna1110:Anna1110 2 0 WOLF ADOPTABLES!!! NEW LOW PRICES WOOOOOOOOHOOO by Anna1110 WOLF ADOPTABLES!!! NEW LOW PRICES WOOOOOOOOHOOO :iconanna1110:Anna1110 4 5


SCRUB by HorseLover741 SCRUB :iconhorselover741:HorseLover741 6 1 YHH #1 - CLOSED- Auction by WinterGiraffe YHH #1 - CLOSED- Auction :iconwintergiraffe:WinterGiraffe 9 7 NICE by HorseLover741 NICE :iconhorselover741:HorseLover741 3 2 Lost in a World of Doubt by CRG-Free Lost in a World of Doubt :iconcrg-free:CRG-Free 234 25 Serval          [PRINT WITHOUT WATERMARK] by Lunnika-Horo Serval [PRINT WITHOUT WATERMARK] :iconlunnika-horo:Lunnika-Horo 711 77 santa monica dream by HorseLover741 santa monica dream :iconhorselover741:HorseLover741 5 4 HERE COMES DAT BOI by HorseLover741 HERE COMES DAT BOI :iconhorselover741:HorseLover741 3 2 cooler than me by HorseLover741 cooler than me :iconhorselover741:HorseLover741 5 2 DISSOCIATION by HorseLover741
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DISSOCIATION :iconhorselover741:HorseLover741 3 0
i have a GORETOBER THIGN,,, SCHEDULED FOR 10 AM TODASY and itll be good
its 6 am now why am i still awake *screams*
ok but: heck i missed last year's goretober so i'm going to use last year's prompt
some dork friend got me into joining a group where everyones going 2 do goretober in it but theyre using a different prompt *screeches*
gotdam,,, i hope this stress doesn't drain me too much to do stuff bc I Gotta
:iconpandorathedragon:PandoraTheDragon 2 1
pokeymans meme
stolen from Incyray :^)
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Favorite Pokémon

tied w/ psyduck/golduck and growlithe/arcanine and uh,, totodile/croconaw/feraligatr
snorlax, umbreon, and sylveon(!!!!) r cool also

First Starter

charmander eyyy (firered)

Favorite Starter

ah man,,,, probs charmander or mudkip,,,, but i heckin love totodile 2 even tho i never played the games w/ them as a starter

Hated Pokémon

Favorite Legendary
uhhh,,,, deoxys, mew/mewtwo, and probs latias/latios

Hated Legendary

Kanto Starter

Johto Starter
totodile!!! (even tho i haven't played this lmao)

Hoenn Starter

Sinnoh Starter
piplup (or this)

Unova Starter

snivy (or this one)

Kalos Starter

Favorite Type
bro,,, i love fire and dragon types but theyre all p neat
i probs use fairy the least

Hated Type

uhhh,, i don't like most of the fighting type
:iconhorselover741:HorseLover741 1 1
Under Our Control: Reverse Falls
“You really think this is gonna work?” Gideon asked, looking at Pacifica in confusion.
“One way to find out,” she said with a hint of a smirk.
Gideon pressed a button on the bottom of the Mind Control Tie.
“Hi, I’m Dipper!” Gideon said, jumping up and down. Dipper did the same.
She smiled. Damn it really does work!
“Any ideas?” Pacifica asked.
“I think I have one…” Gideon said, face lighting up.
Mabel took a sip of her Pitt Soda on a bar stool at the Pier Pressure stand at the lake. Grenda and Candy sipped on some drinks beside her.
“Hello people of Gravity Falls and tourists!” Dipper proclaimed.
Mabel whipped her head around to see her brother standing main dock in a red t-shirt and shorts with a bizarre tie around his neck. Dipper had a glazed look in his eyes, as if he wasn’t all there.
“I am Dipper Pines! You may remember me from the Tent of Telepathy, the mansion at the top of the h
:iconaqua-girl07:Aqua-Girl07 12 5
From the End to the Beginning
What happened to Bill after the finale?
SPOILERS FOR THE FINALE (if that wasn't obvious)
Bill acted as fast as he could considering he could feel himself literally falling apart. He invoked the power of rebirth. He would not fall today! No!
As he burst apart, courtesy of Stanley Pines, he cursed the Pines. He put everything he had left into ensuring that he’d be reborn close to the Pines so that when the time was right, he’d be able to enact his revenge.
The thing about reincarnation that most people don’t get though is that you aren’t always reborn right after you die. Sometimes you’re reborn ages after you die, sometimes you’re reborn before you even ever lived. Bill didn’t worry though since his power would make sure he was reborn close to the same time so he could take down the Pines family.
As it happened, Bill felt himself re-enter the world just a decade or so before he left it. He used his fading consciousness to
:iconmischiefspirit:MischiefSpirit 6 3
I've Got A Crush on You
The Doctor's always known River is seductive, but he's never seen her like this...
(See Author's Description before reading.)
They were in a 1940's Big Band nightclub.
The Doctor, Amy, and Rory pulled out chairs and claimed a table below the stage, beside the huge dance floor.
The adventure was over, they'd foiled the alien's attempt to introduce a violence-inducing hormone into the alcohol supply, and sent the aliens off, literally, with their tails between their legs.
They'd decided they deserved a night out. Amy and Rory had dressed for the Forties, Amy in a military cut dress, curled bangs, and bright red lipstick, Rory in a WWII Army officer's uniform that he said he'd earned.
The Doctor had opted to wear his tux. They all sat down, Rory gave their drinks order to a waitress, and they turned their attention to the band that was warming up on the high stage.
The air was redolent of cigarette smoke and perfume, the crowd loud and cheerful with discussi
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 21 3
Marshmallows and Steel
How does River Song feel about her husband being many different men? Yet all one man?
She never knew which Doctor she was going to get. Sometimes he was gray haired and cranky, sometimes he was young with a pretty mouth, sometimes he was short and sexy, but all of them, each and every one, were her Sweetie.
In every incarnation, he had a spine of steel, and a soul of marshmallow. Oh, sometimes he hid it better than others. Sometimes he was more daft, or more serious.
But under it all, was always that man who would look at her with such wondering eyes. Not just wondering who she was (although that was fun.) But that gentle, loving wonder that asked how he’d gotten so lucky.
What woman could resist that? In a very large number of respects she was very different to him. He may have been a marshmallow with a spine of steel, but she was steel all the way through.
But have him look at her with those eyes, and she turned into a marshmallow.
And all she wanted was S’more.
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 14 3



You know how humans can't actually use their entire brain, just a small percent of it? What if it's the same way with animals? Like animals can't use their entire brain either. Then imagine if animals could use their entire brain, they could be as smart, or smarter than humans. They might even be able to speak, some actual human words. Idk, just something that crossed my mind. Also, anyone ever heard of sympathy pain? It's when someone is hurt and then you start feeling the pain too, purely psychological, but you still feel their pain? What if animals experience sympathy pain as well? Like if one kitten is hurt, the other kittens feel pain too. Or even better, if a person is hurt, their pet can feel the pain? Just something interesting to think about I guess. 


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Hi, I'm Anna! I love horses, and well just animals in general. Other than bugs, and snakes they terrify me. My favorite colors in order are blue, green, yellow, red, and purple. I love to draw, even though I consider myself an amateur at it. I also love to write, and I love listening to music. My favorite NFL team is the San Francisco 49ers and I like going outside when it isn't raining, which is rare. I can be very introverted, especially at school. But when I'm with my best friend I'm a total goof ball. My favorite band is Imagine Dragons and I'm almost always listening to their music. I am completely obsessed with Doctor Who, it's my favorite TV show :D That's about it about me!
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Also I will love you forever with both of my time lady hearts. <3

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