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Paint my world in black

Familiar girl, huh? ))) Yes it is really me. And this is a main picture for my site. I think it symbolically - to paint a red rose in the black with paint..
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Beautifully drawn - so delicate in the use of tone and colour
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WOW wonderfull job that's really you on paper :)
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Very beautiful, very cool. Nicely done!
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This is the drawing that made me love your artwork!!! I saw three pieces of your artwork in an edition of the Faeries and Enchantment (FAE) magazine and was blown away!!!
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Thank you very much!^^
GoThIcNoVeLtY's avatar
It's coooooooooooooooooooooooool~
Fantastic!!! U R my GOD!
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This is really good and as always very beautiful.
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I knew this was you! Its really lovely :heart:
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Very realistic, it looks like a photograph of a real girl
I love it !
looks just like you great job!
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what kind of pens do you use?
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beautifully done! :thumbsup:
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so realistic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when I look at your work I truly believe that there's something magic in art
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^^ your veryyyyy welcome
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how do i get your copyright info
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Hello.For what?
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Very nice! You're very good on drawing faces!
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fantastic work.
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