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Eden by Anna-Marine Eden by Anna-Marine
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PATREON! by Anna-Marine

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Zombie princess and her creator by Anna-Marine
Orion by Anna-MarinePorcelain heart by Anna-Marine
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joebotzer Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
So awesome. Love the eyes!
Mitia-Arcturus Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016   Photographer
Wonderful image...  :)
stellartcorsica Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
I love it!
galapogosian Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2016
She's pretty.
JS2080 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016
M41C0N Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
God is not here!!! :(
ChaosInStillness Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016
What makes you say that?
blurhead Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Because she has an upturned cross on her forehead which I believe is a sign of the devil.
ChaosInStillness Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2016
The upside down cross, or inverted cross, is the sign of St. Peter. It is used by the Pope in the Vatican to show that he is the successor to Peter, who was crucified on a cross that was hung head down as he didn't believe he was worthy to be crucified in the same manner as Jesus.
QuietW8 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2016
Peter's reverse crucifixion is not canon as far as the Bible goes. It has no more to do with Christ than St. Patrick cursing the Loch Ness monster. Catholicism functions similar to the Pharisees of ancient Judea, in that it's ritualistic and dogmatic in nature. It's a denomination which doesn't wholly represent Christ's core teaching.

Very few people in modern times would use an upside down cross to express Christian faith. Reverted crosses are primarily associated with anti-Christian movements. Luciferianism has grown popular in recent decades thanks in part to Rock music and celebrities promoting New Age ideas. Common occult imagery such as pentagrams are about as familiar to the average person as Mickey Mouse.

I don't believe Anna is Satanist, though I could be wrong. She seems to just be interested in mysticism, based on her Gallery. There are definitely artists who are in the closet about being anti-Christ. I'm curious what types of people she's associated with behind the scenes in the art community. Anna's a very pretty and talented young lady, and that's no doubt attracted the attention of weirdos. Not weirdos like myself, but the rich kind of weirdo, who offer pretty girls a glimpse of what goes on after hours in high society.
Anna-Marine Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you.I'm glad that people still try to understand the symbolism of artworks, it's important to me as for artist. I'm not a satanist and I actually don't belong to any religion on Earth. When people ask me about it I answer that philosophy of buddhism is closer to me than any religion. But you're definitely right I'm very interested in mysticism. Of course I know legend about St. Peter, but in this artwork is more a symbol of how modern religion with all these money, blind faith (she also has no pupils on picture), wrong directions is far from faith is all about - kindness, love, apreciation of nature and Earth's gift. Coments like 'God is not here' makes me laugh so hard ))) Stereotypes..and blindness. That's what I'm talking about.
QuietW8 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2016
Money is a root cause of many injustices, or should I say a means by which the unjust can enforce their inequities upon the world. Not only in religion, but in numerous establishments meant to help people. From politics and military to modern medicine. Blind faith applies there too.

Speaking of medicine, I hope your dad is doing okay. Has his tried reducing meat consumption and alcohol? These can contribute to ailments. I would also recommend holistic remedies, such as cancer-fighting herbs. But I'd be careful and research side effects. I've experienced negative results from some herbs which have toxic properties as well as health benefits. Reducing animal products and eating organic can increase wellness. Prayer and meditation may also work for the open-minded.
blurhead Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Although it can also signify the cross of St Peter as he was crucified upside down.
Laura-Vi Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016  Student General Artist
I like the colors that you used, she is very pretty :)
Rhapsody777 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016
:happybounce: +fav +fav 
lesh784 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016
Your talent is fantastic!
Kuky89 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016
loooooove it!!!
helyu Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016
Very beautiful!
ahmeb Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016
Heart Heart Heart 
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