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March 14, 2017
White Winged Lion by anna-lakisova
Featured by KovoWolf
Suggested by Catgirldstr11
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White Winged Lion

My old freelance art
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© 2017 - 2021 anna-lakisova
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Really majestic stuff, sir! I certainly wouldn't knock it just because it's an older piece. Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:
This is beautiful!
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One word: MAJESTIC!
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Gorgeous, I need this hanging on my wall.
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Brilliant work! 
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Simply gorgeous o.o
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Beautiful and powerful work
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"I'll summon a White Winged Lion in Attack Mode and put a Magic Card into the field."
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A worm’s head big enough for six Garou to stand upon shot high into the night air, propelled by a cylindrical body as thick as a redwood trunk. Armor plates the thickness of a man’s forearm covered each segment of the body until the eyes once more reached the top. There a maw filled with rows upon rows of sharklike teeth split wide in three gaping segments. All manner of grasping pedipalps and feeders writhed around it. Green, slimy oil seeped from under the plates and liquefied the earth at the base of the mound. The creature towered nearly thirty feet in the air and that could not have been a tenth of its total length. The monster’s throat gaped wide, revealing a furnace of green flame, churning in a dizzying spiral, a vortex of utter destruction.

“Brought…Wyrm here! HA! TOLD…YOU! HA! HA-HA! HAHAHAHA!!!” Jason ranted wildly.

Siobhan roared out her fury, loud enough to shake the ground she was standing on, and for the first time in months, had to actively battle with herself. The Beast within her was suddenly ferociously strong, threatening to rip through the controls she had learned and go wild, slaughtering foe and friend alike. She spat hatred and lashed out with one sickle-taloned paw, batting Jason’s head from his body like a child might pop a floating soap bubble. "Etain! I need healing...cleansing…help!"

She concentrated and the third eye opened upon her brow, light as ferocious and bright and white as that of the stars at the dawn of creation shining forth from it. It flooded out in a rush, cloaking her in its purity, shrouding her in power fiercely antithetical to the beast that loomed above them.

There was no fighting something so monstrous and huge. Nothing she had would get through that armor; no fire could scorch that creature to ash. Those of them that remained would be devoured by it, or battered into paste; the land would be fouled for miles and miles in every direction. It made the Nexus Crawler, whose power was based on temptation, look weak and small in comparison.

Yet it had to be stopped.

“Moonfrost,” she said simply. “To me.” There was a knot of cold, unbridled terror in her gut as she realized what she had to do.

The great white lion was at her side in an instant, growing to match her own increased size, until he stood at her side as a draft horse would have in comparison to her normal, frail human form.

“One final time?” she asked sadly, lacing her fingers through his mane, hoisting herself up, throwing her leg over his back.

“Oh, little dreamer,” the white lion said, his tone sober and sorrowing. “I am with you until the end.”

He pulsed and then threw off the same pure white starlight that she did, great white wings unfolding from his back, and launched them into the air, their forms shimmering and melding, too bright to look at. They seemed to melt together as they achieved the peak of their arc, the vile thing below reaching out tendrils for them, snarling and hissing and shrieking.

And then they dived, straight down into the thing’s gaping maw, past the fangs, into the churning green pit of Hell.

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Absolutely beautiful
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Amazing work!
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I saw it in a dream years ago.....
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