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Several times i got this  "deviantART: Password Retrieval" note on my mail today. Does this mean someone is trying to hack me? :XD:
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You must change the password
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Can't she make another account?? I miss seeing her work..
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Yes. Ann-Jey has sadly been hacked. I got the same message but I just deleted it. There were some rumors about it, but they were true. Come on, you can't tell me you actually opened that mail!!! The rumors said, if you get a message from, "nobodyda, delete it as soon as you can!!! I thought it was nonsense. Until I opened my mail...
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well... kinda, it might mean that someone typed in ur username and tried to guess ur password,
and they tried to get the password by doing the lost my password thing..
it might have been some idiot 10 year old. lol!
but just incase change ya passwords for safety^^
so I hope that make sense XD

also, may I ask if you have any commissions open or closed what would your price range be?
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I founded this recolor of your image and somine renemed gitz to Umi www.blingcheese.com/image/code…
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i hate hackers so dame much i mean why can't they just go away and stay away
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Yes. ILL BEAT THERE FUCKING ASSESS!! sorry just very over protective of people. U.U
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Who ever the hacker is I would find them and spam attack them XD r u serious Ann jey who's hacking u!?. No son of bitch hacks the legendary Ann jey!.
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let me get them i'll take them on
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hi nice to meet u
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ann-jey ur epic and i look forward to more of ur art and if someone is trying to hack ur account they better stop or they will get a boot up their a**!!!
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OMG I LOVE THIS DO YOU DO REQUESTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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How did you make your icon do that? If I may ask :dummy:
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O.o wooow x3 liiindooo. Me inspira
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O.o wooow x3 liiindooo. Me inspira
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I don't know. I hope you find out. Maybe you should change your password just in case.
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