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I'm self-taught artist, in digital and traditional drawing. I mostly aspiring to make comics, and my style is something between cartoon and manga.

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List of people who have my permission 3.0 by Ankyuubi, journal

                     ****I'm not making or agreeing for any NFT stuff (NFT can burn in Hell)**** Here is a list of people who asked for my permission to dub/translate my fancomic of ''Miraculous Ladybug''. My permission covers sites like YouTube, Instagram, Amino app. Here you can dub/translate or simply share my drawings from DA with credits and without monetizing it. (If I gave you my permission and you don't see yourself here, please send me a note [not comment - only note/chat]  I can forget something, sorry). My comics are FANCOMICS from TV show "Miraculous Ladybug" (belonged to Zagtoon/ Thomas Astruc)  and I make NO MONEY from it. I
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quick info

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I'm working on my own original comic about ghosts and demons and stuff. I hope to be able to publish the first part this year. Therefore, the continuation of "Choice" is on hiatus until further notice. I'll probably come back to it when I get tired of that project. Thank you for all the watchers, favorites and nice comments! More than once they helped me find motivation to continue drawing! I hope you won't run away during my "almost absence" (I still check in on DA daily). I promise to finish this comic properly, I'm just asking for a little time and patience. Happy New Year! May it bring a lot of happiness and pleasant surprises to each of us!
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Hey, what's up with these... comments recomendations??????? I would rather never recieve a comment than a one automatically generated??? Even if they are a sentence starters it's still... idk, artificial? Do they help a person who's English is not the first language? I don't know. IMO, "XD" or "UwU" are more wholesome than this.
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I have another power idea for my Raven Miraculous. I have this for a while but didn’t share because it sound too ridiculous, and not mention its so OP it could even hurt Gary or Victoria.

But first, have you heard of the “Gaia Hypothesis/Theory”? You know, that the Earth itself is a living thing. Though more often in fantasy fiction than in Real-Life.

So I was thinking. The Raven Miraculous can only see the future of any living thing (people, animals, and even plants) because they have a soul and/or a life force.

If the Earth is a living thing then it must have a life force. So, if Blackwing or Lady Raven can tap into the Earth life energy, they can see the Earth’s future; can see anywhere on the planet they happen or see the entire Earth from Space as time goes by.

The Raven users can even see the future far beyond any lifetimes. Hundreds, thousands, millions, and maybe billions of years into the future.

But again, this is theoretically ridiculous and dangerously OP. The Earth is very very big. The Earth might be to powerful to tap into it. And if they can, seeing, hearing, and even feeling too many things all at once could overloading their brains into catatonic state, coma, or worse death.

And if they survive, they might hit by an intense ‘emotional disorientation.’ I’ll stop right there.

Ooooo boiii, don't get me started XD

So, objectively, this power is cool and nice!

Personally, I think it would fit more with a more godly being than a Miraculous user. Ladybug and Chat Noir is nearly god -tier power, but this is much more powerful. I like, how you think how it can have affect the wielder. It can be too much for a human, even helped by magic creature like kwami.

My opinion: -save that idea for another au or some original work, when that kind of power can make more sense and the characters have the abilities to handle it :D /////it can be connected to any raven you want of course!!!/////maybe alien? Raven from Space? Cosmic entity shaped like raven???////

Oh yeah, this is indeed god-level power. I’m sure Seerr alone, the Raven Kwami, can do that. But then again, his power has negative effects without a holder.

Maybe a user can use this power if they ascended.

Just an idea I want to share.

I’l keep that in mind.

yoooo, sooo cool!!!

Honestly, it’s feel average or ‘it’s okay’. I only draw the wings and too lazy to (re)draw the whole thing; I literally can’t imagine how. What matters I finally give them wings.

I like to think of it as their ‘flight mode.’ I also like to think any Miraculous user based on flying animals (birds, bats, insects) can sprout wings if they level up; without needing power-up food/potions.

Besides, what are birds that can’t fly? Unless they’re penguins, ostriches, emus, kiwis, cassowaries, etc..

Anyway, birds are cool even if they can’t fly.

Thanks for the reply and the faves.

I likely said this many times before. Gary don’t have a stable personality. And I never get this personality right. He can be a naive kid, slow and dimwitted person, kind gentle person, nerdy, wise and bossy leader, snarky jokester with pop-culture references, or an aggressive psychotic brute.

Imagine one minute Gary helping an old lady crossing the road, with a gentle smile. And the next minute, he tied a person who was mean to him to a shopping cart and push him downhill, watching with a crazy smile on his face.