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I'm self-taught artist, in digital and traditional drawing. I mostly aspiring to make comics, and my style is something between cartoon and manga.

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List of people who have my permission 3.0 by Ankyuubi, journal

                     ****I'm not making or agreeing for any NFT stuff (NFT can burn in Hell)**** Here is a list of people who asked for my permission to dub/translate my fancomic of ''Miraculous Ladybug''. My permission covers sites like YouTube, Instagram, Amino app. Here you can dub/translate or simply share my drawings from DA with credits and without monetizing it. (If I gave you my permission and you don't see yourself here, please send me a note [not comment - only note/chat]  I can forget something, sorry). My comics are FANCOMICS from TV show "Miraculous Ladybug" (belonged to Zagtoon/ Thomas Astruc)  and I make NO MONEY from it. I
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Being gifted a Core Membership on my birthday? What a delight! *^^*
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PL PL PL Hej, czy wiecie, że mamy swoją stronę na komiksy? !!! Wrzucam tam mój oryginalny komiks NUMB! Zapraszam serdecznie! :* ENG ENG ENG Miraculous Ladybug fancomic "Choice" is still on hiatus. Thank you for your patience! :*
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Hi again. Been a while, working and stuff.

So, as usual, I have another Fan Miraculous idea, of course this is stupidly easy and obvious and yet never got around it until fairly recently.

The Tapir Miraculous of Dream.

The Kwami name is Tiduur.

Its pretty obvious. The user can put a person(s) to sleep and create and control dreams, and can psychically enters their dream or dreamwalking.

I‘m pretty sure it was on Netflix’s Sandman. When the first living thing in the Universe began to dream, the Kwami of Dream was born.

The Dream Worlds are basically a multiverse of its own; each person‘s dream is a whole another world.

The Tapir/Dream Miraculous user can create dreams or even nightmares from scratch.

There is more to it, dreams can influence a person in reality, like inspiration, mood, etc. And it sometimes can read minds through dreams if a ’dreamer’ dreams about their memory.

If you want to be nasty, you can make people sleep longer than normal or can’t sleep or insomnia, and even mind control people through sleepwalking.

If you’re wondering why a Tapir? There is Tapir-like creature in Japanese mythology called a Baku, known as a Dream-Eater.

Think of Drowzee and Hypno from Pokemon.

Plus, it look perfectly, look like the Engineer/Space Jockey suits from the Alien franchise.

I even have a name if I wear the Tapir Miraculous of Dream: Sleep Jockey.

My mask is more of a full-head gas mask, given tapirs have trunks. My suit is also partial armored.

I would look perfect since tapirs are stocky animals and I have a stocky body.

This is how Adrienette should’ve been like (more or less).

And Lila is such a loving person, with her loving family.

This is almost makes me forgot about the Canon; as if it were some bad nightmare.

Even if for a short temporary moment, I am happy! 🥹

By the way, in this AU, Lila is the Chicken. I‘m sorry, “Rooster.” The holder of the Rooster Miraculous.

I love her ‘chicken hair.’

She would’ve make a good additional member of my all-bird team.

I love that ‘chicken girl’.

I know this one!!!! Love it!!!! And I found what you told me about Marinette's Dad as Hawkmoth, it's cool too. And "Feralnette" Birds of a Feather from that same person on tumblr. Love their style and everything.

ZOE shows how the potential of this idea should be used. She makes these characters more lovable (yes, especially Lila) and the story have sense! It's interesting, it's exciting, it's not boring! And her style is just so cute and friendly I can't even.

Yep, I’ve known her comic since I first started “Miraculous.”

Her style inspired my drawing.

Gotta say, I am surprised to see Lila’s father.

The most common theory/headcanon is that Lila lives with her mother and her father never around; most common is divorce.

In Scorpion!Lila AU, her dad was kidnapped.

Though I feel ‘weird’ (I don’t know what better word) that Lila’s biological parents weren’t ever married.

Some people view children born who’s parents aren’t married “bastards”.

In Lila’s parents’ case, they must‘ve had ‘fun time’ together but never seriously in love. In other word “friends with benefits”

But then again, Chloe’s mother cheated her dad and had Zoe.

But I don’t care, especially for Lila. Its an interesting twist and makes Lila more interesting and she’s my sweetheart.

And I’m such a weirdo; weirdo as in loving some things that aren’t usually normal. Hell, I’m not normal.

There is some Real-Life mental reasons what inspired me for the Octopus Miraculous and it’s hallucination powers.

Have you hear something that aren’t there or turns differently from what you think.

Sometimes whenever I’m driving, I worry I might bump into someone even with my eyes on the road and no one is there.

Like my own eyes and brain can play tricks on me.

You know when make mistakes, you try to be careful but you unnoticeably make them. In other word, you can’t trust your own actions or decisions. I sometimes don’t trust own actions or decisions.

I could tell you that we live in a world where right and wrong, truth and lies, beauty and ugly, etc.. are blurred and interchangeable.

But that’s for another time.

Don’t worry, I’m not crazy, least clinically speaking. Just saying I can never be careful or sure what I see, hear, etc..

I don't want to imply anything on you, no! :D You seem very philosophical and curious person. Do you read something about that kind of stuff?

About this things what happen in a very weird way, I often have deja vu experience, and when I cross a bridge and look at river, I feel myself like I can fall down any second, but I don't have fear of heights ( I climb trees a lot when younger). Or I walk down the stairs, and I imagine how painful would be falling right now ;v; Intrusive thoughts or some shit like that :/ Or that times, when I think "wow, I havent a headache lately" and then I would end up with huge migraine X'D

I'm that kind of person, when listen to instrucions, I need to hear what I SHOULD do, not what I SHOULDN'T, because I definietly do what I SHOULDN'T. Like: "put this on the yellow box". Not, "Don't put it in the red box, but to the yellow." Where I put that thing? In the RED box. The information about right action was there. Why my brain ignore it????

What if pararell dimensions overlaps one another? What if you drive on empty road and you can see a glimpse of other cars but from another dimension? What if my right choice is "the red box" there, but not here?

Maybe only feelings can travel from one universe to another?

I hear that quote of using only 10% of our brains is bullshit, but what if we really can't use our full potential? Maybe we can't, maybe we are too weak and go crazy if can? Reasons and theories can be that many as stars on the night sky!!!!!

Btw, I‘ve talked so much about Gaslight and the Octopus Miraculous, I never talked about his Cube. You know, every Miraculous user carries a weapon/tool with them, so his is the Puzzle Cube. Like a Rubik’s cube or one of those puzzle cubes

It doesn’t look dangerous or even useful. What does it do?

Well, for starters, it stick out sharp spikes or blades from the seams, and the blades spin like a circular saw.

And can transform into any shape geometrically possible. Say a sword or knife or even a gun (which other course Gaslight would never use). Or even a music box.

Also act a box and can only unlock by turning the right parts.

And can levitate or float.

This is still WIP but there is psychic connection between the wearer and Cube, telekinetic controlling it, throw at enemies with mind.

It might even have a mind of its own.

But there is so much more than just a tool which I don’t even know yet. Only its much more powerful it look and there might some dark secret inside.

Oh btw, if a wrong person touches it, their hand might get stabbed by at least one of its hidden spikes or blades.

I based it from Doom 3’s Soul Cube and the Hellraiser’s Lament Configuration puzzle box.