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Story of Jack and Elsa

By AnKyeol

Jack Frost~Delight

Queen Elsa~ :iconankyeol:



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© 2014 - 2021 AnKyeol
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Man, if i had a girlfriend who wouldn't mind cosplayin, i would dress as Jack Frost to make her Elsa.
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Sorry to :+fav: and run off, yesterday, but at least I came back to comment.

I Really love this cosplay.  You both did an amazing job and you've officially sold me on the ship.  

I'll be featuring your picture in my journal.  I hope you don't mind. :)
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Your cosplays are amazing !
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I love this photo <3
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Dang this is display on crack
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in 2000 years when The copyrights finally expires I hope the lizardpeople of the future make this a holodeck experience. till then this picture will warm the cockles of my frozen heart.
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yesssssssss this is perfection <3
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You guys did an amazing job with this. I'm not a part of Jelsa, but I love both movies and you've really captured a good feeling here. ^___\^
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Actually I'll go a step further and say we probably just want to do an entire article on these pieces all by themselves, if that's cool with you. :)
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Hi, AnKyeol! I apologize for commenting twice--I sent you a note earlier but I figured this might be faster. I would absolutely love to feature this cosplay shoot in an article I'm doing about the Jelsa fandom.  We'd cite you as the Elsa cosplayer and cite the Jack cosplayer as Delight and photographer (as Lento) as listed above. Would that be okay? Please let me know when you get a chance. Thank you! These photoshoots are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing them!  - Aja  /…
I think someone is using pictures of your cosplays and republishes on his account : la-guarida-de-fuego.deviantart…
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Your hair looks wonderful!
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I tried to drawn you, because your picture is gorgeous and has inspired me .. I hope you like it! :) :heart:
OH my stars you two are amazing!!! :faint: xx
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Just amazing... When I saw in the search page I though that was a fanart... BUT! OMG! Incredible! Good job! ^^
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I think i just died.
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