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Power of the Camera

One of the things you really notice when you have an SLR, is the fact that people will look at you, watch you. They also seem to believe that you are good behind the camera. How foolish they are!

I was at a friends wedding and decided to nip down to take a quick photo of the basement bar before everyone came down. (Since I was also helping out, I was also helping to get stuff ready down there before people swamped it.)

I just loved the reaction of the bar staff. They had never seen me before or knew who I was, they just saw the camera and felt the need to pose.

Get the feeling that professional photographers would find it more difficult to get their models to pose without the big camera and lighting etc. setting the scene/mood. It is amazing the effect a prop can have.

The downside of this, is the fact that when on holiday, anyone wanting to have someone take a photograph taken of them, will gravitate towards you, as they expect you to be good with cameras and take a good photo. Eeek!

Sometimes it works out fine, other times it can be a nightmare. Trying to get a nice photo in Central Park for a couple at dusk just wasn't going to happen for them. Their camera just didn't seem to like the lighting and I wasn't able to get the picture they were hoping for.

Another time I ended up taking photos for a woman who had a camera similar to mine, she had originally come over asking about it. All was fine, was shooting away taking pics of her and her daughter. This was up until the point when I realised that it wasn't a digital SLR and I had burnt off half her film! Ack! You forget about suck things. You get so used to taking photos without any worry of cost.
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You're a photographer?!
Errr. No. I have a digital SLR, which makes everyone think I am. :) Just bought a hood for it as well, which will make people think I am a journalist now! Mwahahaha!

Amusingly, one of the most distinctive features of an SLR is the strap you get with it, with Nokia or Canon plastered all over it. Have admit though, just looking at the glass lens on the front makes me glad of my purchase.

I have bought books on taking photos etc. since I was about 15 or so, even got myself a monopod. Alas, that is heavier than most tripods now :P Didn't get very far at the time though and like many other things, I kinda stopped for a while with it. That said, with more money available to me now and the fact that digital media has changed the way we take photos, I thought it would be a good time to dabble once more.

The main thing I struggle with is fighting between the desire to take pictures of buildings, landscapes etc. and the knowledge that you really ought to take lots of pictures of yourself and others when you are out and about and on holiday. When you look through holiday snaps, it can be a little sad to look through them all and find you and your family aren't on any of them. Doesn't matter how good the shot is if it is in essence, lifeless. So I struggle with keeping balance.

Currently though, I have the photographic ability of a chimp. NY proved that. Lighting, focus, exposure etc. are all a bit of mystery with this camera, so it is like learning to ride a bike all over again.

Damn good fun though!

I really ought to re-up old con cosplay photos. It is weird how these things drop off the net and when you come to find them once more, there isn't any in existence. It is rather sad, as it is a piece of history which has disappeared. That said, I am lazy and without scanner at the moment :P