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Z - is for Zzzax

By anklesnsocks
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is there any other?
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Wow! I've gotta say, I'd pay good money to buy an 8" x 10" print of each and every one of these, or even one poster size print with all of them, but I suppose copyrights keep such dreams from coming to fruition...
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wait what about zarathos just suggesting
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"whez muh money?!"
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wow, had to google this one. very nice.
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and there he is!
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Looks like he has the beginnings of melanoma on his forehead. Someone needs to give this man some sunscreen
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kudos for bringing back such an awesome marvel villain
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I just loooove this series! Good job! :worship: :worship: :worship: :painter:
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I love how he "glows". Nice touch.
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an old marvel comics monster, made of electricity.
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its zzzax. he hungerzzzz
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Wait... is that his name? Zzzax? with three Z's? It's like they named him that JUST so he'd always be last alphabetically : )
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haha yeah man, i have no idea why. its a kirby thing i guess.
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We may never know. Awesome pics, though!
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