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Uncanny X-force Vol 2 - Storm

Here is my design for Storm for the upcoming Uncanny X-force vol 2 by Sam Humphries and Ron Garney
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Ya know, this design is used in Marvel Contest of Champions
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Favorite X-(Wo)man, now favorite costume. Absolutely awesome.
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definitely one the bet costumes storm has worn
Murder-at-the-diner's avatar
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Awesome my friend!
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this is awesome!!!! this is how storm's uniform should look in X-Men: Days of the future past film.
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I'll go out on a limb and say this is the best design since Jim Lee's revision.
martinplsko's avatar
I love this design so much I wanna give you a hug or at least a handshake :D This brings fun and epicness back to comics!
CarlPearce's avatar
Best Storm costume ever. This even beats the 90's white and the original black cat suit / headdress combo.
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Love the mohawk, as well as the costume design. Good job over all
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Mowhawk storm shall always be best Storm.
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Love your designing skills!
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This is so amazing. :noes:
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I think you are the first person in a very long time to give Storm the treatment she deserves.
Thank you.
I love it.
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hah thanks! ironic cause i have barely any attachment to her as a character
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that is ironic.
Most artists (In my humble opinion) try to take her classic outfit and update it.
You've just given her an outfit that works.
And the hair is bitching.
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yeah i think that benefitted from me not caring at all about her. I didn't have any predetermined notions about her or trying to keep her "sexiness" or anything.

like, it totally be a different story if i had to design a Maria Hill or something. It'd just look like cobie smulders for forever
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Well, that's just it.
Her original outfit was 1)originally designed for a skinny cat-girl
2)was something out of the mid-70's.
But for some reason, people keep going back to it for inspiration.
The tiara, I can understand keeping... it's almost iconic.
But your design makes sense. She looks regal, powerful, confident, and sexy(sexy doesn't always mean lots of skin, as you are of course, well aware)
I salute you -- you design things the way they should be done.
Keep up the absolutely awesome work!

And yes, Jacoba Smulders was perfect... she is Maria Hill.
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Amazing i am truly in love with this design
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