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Uncanny X-force #03

Sam Humphries (W) • Ron Garney (A)
Cover by KRIS ANKA
• This is it! Bishop vs. UNCANNY X-FORCE!
• Bishop has amazing new powers that help him take down X-Force. But how did Bishop get the new power?
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EmmetEarwax's avatar
Yes, kill, kill, kill !
Kill all the characters. As fast as you can introduce them !
Kill, kill, kill !

No wonder I ditched Marvel,
and DC
and Archie !
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
So much style,  so much grace.
Badmaks's avatar
Bishop grrrrr
Tazirai's avatar
LOVE that suit!
SpiderGuile's avatar
Damn this is goood!
SektrOne's avatar
intense, nice work.
Morpheus1906's avatar
How did Bishop get new power and when did he get his arm back? Great looking work!
dio-03's avatar
great color balance here.
BrooklynPhoenix's avatar
mooncalfe's avatar
love it! super awesome colors.
anklesnsocks's avatar
TravisBoward's avatar
Love it, but seriously, Bishop is a dick. Cant wait to see his ass whooped.
el-douglas's avatar
awesome color, great scene :D
ZMRicochet's avatar
Looks awesome and bishop looks like a badass even though I don't like him anymore
martinplsko's avatar
Great work with lights!
LeSeanThomas's avatar
anklesnsocks's avatar
thanks man!
btw, cant wait to start working with you on turtles. hoping to learn a lot
LeSeanThomas's avatar
Awesome! Didn't know you were on TMNT. Looking forward to learning for you and the crew, too! Rock on!
anklesnsocks's avatar
yeah we met the last time you rolled through turtles. the guy with the mustache haha. we actually met years ago when i was an intern at WB.
but yeah i cant wait to learn off your stuff. gonna be some fun times.
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