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Uncanny X-force #02 variant

Variant Cover by KRIS ANKA
• What secrets does the man with the “M” on his face bring from the future?
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Looking AMAZING!!
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storm design is still my fav.
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O man, this is legit awesome. wtf? spiral is good now??? siiiiick :D
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Uncanny cover indeed! ;) :D :+fav:
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that is a great palette. congrats on the cover gig!
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I love the designs, I love the expressions, I love the poses, I love the composition, I love the colours, it is simply perfect! :worship:
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Dang! Amazing work as always, Kris! I love both covers equally, but if given the choice, I'd rather have yours as the actual cover and Coipel's as the variant.
First of all, I love the overall colour value of this image! I personally love painting in warmer hues than in cooler ones, and here you just made me art-gasm with what you did with the colours (like they're facing a sunset or what have you). Your knowledge of the craft is also apparent with your use of complementary colours as well, with the splashes of purple making for beautiful shadows.

Secondly, I love the overall painterly effect that you rendered this piece in. It's less comic book-y and more fine art (not that there's anything wrong with one or the other; plus I feel like standards for comic book art are different from what they were say twenty or thirty years ago).

And lastly, just the composition itself is superb. Psylocke really is asserted as the confident leader here (something I really didn't see in Coipel's cover), Spiral and Lady Fantomex look like quite the dangerous ladies with their outstretched weapons, Puck (as the only male on the team, and as the shortest) makes his larger-than-life presence known, while Storm just COMMANDS the upper half of the composition. I also love the worm's-eye view with the tilted perspective. And also, how the background is rendered in a much looser (but still painterly) style than the foreground.

Thank you for sharing your talents with us! I hope Marvel utilizes you more, and not just for variant covers ;)
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haha shit, thanks man

all i got to say, besides thank you for the words, is just wait until next solicits
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Keep it up, Kris!
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I love storm's pose/perspective and costume :)
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Love the composition!! Extremely fresh!!! :beer:
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This looks awesome! And isn't the "biker dude" Puck?
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Love the perspective and colour palette
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