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U - is for Union Jack

By anklesnsocks
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union jack. his power? being british
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Though I am not British, I was educated at a British-owned school and I am Anglophile to the bone. UJ is da best!!
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Very nice Union Jack art, love it!

Hope you don't mind, I posted this piece of art on my Blog? It's a Blog dedicated to all things Marvel UK, called Throne of Otherworld.…
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The coolest English super hero! Man I proud to be English!
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it is the best power :)
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Hi accent gives him super strength.
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good job on this!
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Great version.

And I seem to have a power too then :D
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Is there any greater power?
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There's no better power than being British! AWESOME work, awesome character...nuff said.
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Right ON!!!! I love me some Union Jack!!!
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Woah! My fav so far!
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hahaha that's a helluva power :D

looking really intense, I like it!
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never read anything with him in so i know virtually nothing about this character but i've always loved the costume, and this image has made me love it even more!
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His weakness: toothpaste.
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lol Captine America's weakness: salad
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nice addition of the glow and keeping the colors in the shadows flat, this is so hot!
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That's a jolly good super power right there!
Works for Alfred Pennyworth.
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LOVE this one!
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