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The Outsiders



The greatest Team in the world.

Kate. Diana. Eve. Scandal. and Renee.

This started a few weeks ago from an idea I had when talking to a co-worker of mine at Nickelodeon. She and I were remarking how big fans we were of Kate and Diana and that lead to my realization that I would love to do a book with them, plus Eve.

From there I added Starling, because I remembered how much I loved her and the Secret Six.

and Renee, cause when Greg Rucka says a team needs Renee, you better add Renee.

Each costume was redesigned a bit too.

I made Kate a bit more formal. Heavily influenced by Yasmin Liang’s design.

Diana is more or less just a tweak of my older design. I definitely wanted to keep the Greco Roman Grappler aspect of her. More Wrestler than like a knight. I also wanted to give her a short hair cut, but she ended up looking better with an epic mane of hair.

Eve more or less is the same. I gave her a cage corset, just cause i like cage dresses. Made her slightly more fashionable.

Scandal I just wanted her too look more Ninja. nothing too large of a change. just some taste stuff.

and Renee, also didn’t have too much of a change, just gave her a bit more of a designed coat, rather than just a regular suit.
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