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The Outsiders

The greatest Team in the world.

Kate. Diana. Eve. Scandal. and Renee.

This started a few weeks ago from an idea I had when talking to a co-worker of mine at Nickelodeon. She and I were remarking how big fans we were of Kate and Diana and that lead to my realization that I would love to do a book with them, plus Eve.

From there I added Starling, because I remembered how much I loved her and the Secret Six.

and Renee, cause when Greg Rucka says a team needs Renee, you better add Renee.

Each costume was redesigned a bit too.

I made Kate a bit more formal. Heavily influenced by Yasmin Liang’s design.

Diana is more or less just a tweak of my older design. I definitely wanted to keep the Greco Roman Grappler aspect of her. More Wrestler than like a knight. I also wanted to give her a short hair cut, but she ended up looking better with an epic mane of hair.

Eve more or less is the same. I gave her a cage corset, just cause i like cage dresses. Made her slightly more fashionable.

Scandal I just wanted her too look more Ninja. nothing too large of a change. just some taste stuff.

and Renee, also didn’t have too much of a change, just gave her a bit more of a designed coat, rather than just a regular suit.
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love her mma-style footwear
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I don't know much about Outsiders, but I do notice how female-heavy the group has been over it's history. Interesting having it be all-female.
This team is horribly under powered. Wonder Woman is the only one with powers. She also doesn't match the Outsiders general idea. Of a group of people a little more on the 'outside' of the world. Metamorpho's look speaks for itself. Katana had a problem with revenge and tragedy. Black Lightning is a minority who works with the disenfranchised youth of Metropolis. Geo-force has serious issues with ego. Like a watered down Doom Patrol. This group is more Birds of Prey minus Wonder Woman. She's too powerful to fit the more street level style of BoP. And this line up is not powerful enough to operate as the Outsiders.
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One of the best WW I've seen ever :D Love your work :)
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Beautiful redesigns, great team.  This needs to happen!  Favorite is Wonder Woman, love this design.
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Love it! Hope this becomes reality!!
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Awesome. :D I love the character designs and the lay-out! 
I like how Diana is not in the fore-ground, but is prominent, while Kate is in the fore-ground but wrapped in her shroud!
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This is awesome!
It's an awesome idea! And your redesign of Wonder Woman is really good.
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I'd be SO down for this!
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I'd love to see this some day
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WOHA wonderful team you got here
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The only thing that could make Diana's armor any better is if her Romanesque skirt had some stars on it. Holy CRAP I love it. She's finally ditched the heeled boots and lost the handle on her chest. I'd love to see her hair done-up in some kind of bun or style to keep it short during fights, but you're right, the untamed mane really makes her look fierce.
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omg wow can i marry wonderwoman and her design? <333
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It's a nice twist. I would like to see this team in action. Even unofficially.
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Ohman. I love everything about this. I pity whoever gets stuck being interrogated by them.

Your costume designs are always awesome, but I really loved the small details on these.

Kane's cape attachments being an extension of her bat logo and the toes of her boots having a bat design (I like to imagine that area's harder for more kicking power). Not to mention her top slightly bringing to mind a WWII era army coat, and the pouches hanging down are perfect for quick access shows a bit more of her military background that seperate her from the rest of the bat-family.

Diana's bare feet connects her more to her recently introduced god heritage in Azarello's run (which I'm infatuated with. I would buy a book where it's just Ares having conversations with people in bars if it was possible). The wraps under her armor really give her that brawler feel while preventing chafing, and the leather arm guards under her bracelets maintain protection when she takes them off and goes full-out on n opponent (I'm really glad someone remembered/brought that back). The longer hair really fits her in a sort of feral way, while the ponytail and tiara are both practical and give her a somewhat royal look. The top and skirt are really great too. A lot of people who try to redesign them often go over the top and make it somewhat impractical (the thick skirt plates, I always feel, are just gonna get in the way when she kicks). In the eternal pants or no pants and cleavage wars that comes up with her costume, this is a perfect compromise.

I was a big fan of Szazs, he was one of my favorite characters, and I honestly can't think of someone more fitting to be his legacy than Montoya. She's not trying to replace him, she has her own style that makes her equally as interesting. As such, a different outfit while keeping the basic theme is a great touch. She's a cop from Gotham, so the shades of blue are a darker, more saturated look, while the peacoat and unfolded collar for her shirt maintain a look of urban street fashion, while being less in the way than Charlie's trench coat, keeping with her more hands-on approach.

Savage's changes, though subtle, are actually really great as well. The jump suit gives her a much more professional look, calling to mind her business background. Everything's simple, and practical about it while still maintaining a recognizable appearance. It sort of says 'this is who I am, and I'm not here to make a scene, I'm here to do my job'.

Starling, though mostly unchanged, has the nice addition of the jacket with the popped collar, which really compliments her attitude.

These are all absolutely brilliant. I think they'd make for a great team. Diana's actually a surprising choice, but still really awesome. As a Justice League member, she's never really been used for stealth, but more of a heavy hitter. It's actually perfect for her. She's not the type to draw attention to herself by going into a tantrum like Knockout or Barda might, and she's skilled enough to know what to do without being told, but humble enough to let someone else take charge.

Their off-time would be brilliant too. I imagine Kate and Diana dragging the others to a metal concert, much to Scandal's chagrin.

I would buy the crap out of this book.

As for Jogfrog's comment, literally every character here has at least some connection to Batman, but The Outsiders have been able to stand on their own for a very long time.
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oh dear gods! I love you!
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This would make me buy comics again!
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