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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #26 coverB

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #26
Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman (w) • Mateus Santolouco (a) • Santolouco, Eastman (c)
While Leonardo and the Foot bring the fight to the Savate ninjas, the other Turtles call upon all of their allies to prepare for War. City Fall continues to escalate when Splinter crosses a line by helping Old Hob get his revenge!

Lines by me
Colours by :iconfabianmonk:
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These are pretty hip turtles. :)
NinjaTurtleIggy's avatar
It's a relief to see these series! ;) :)
TraceurO's avatar
Wait are these real comics!!!!??? Where can I read?
AldySyaoran's avatar
bad ass!!! donatello looks so awesome
Dericules's avatar
Your artwork is dope dude!!
andreibressan's avatar
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Picked up number 24 such a great comic! Keep it up very inspiring. I got some more catching up to do!

I hear Maximilian voice saying "OH MY GAWD LOOK AT THIS SHIT!!"
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This piece is all kinds of awesome...
King1cheetah's avatar
Badass art pic let's hope the new movie is good
RedRocBoy's avatar
I'm so happy to be a TMNT fan right now. New show,comic book, games and new movie. Freakin' awesome!
SHrrrrrriiipfan's avatar
I love this, an image of the Turtles we envision! No holds barred heroes in a half shell, keep it up!
TristanRoach's avatar
your cover art is so sweet I wanna see you do interiors so bad
darrenrawlings's avatar
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Donatello looks so incredibly bad ass <3, love the proportions in general and the design is amazing, awesomeeeeeee
Har13quin's avatar
Gnarly! Love it!
dio-03's avatar
oh man, oh man oh man this is good
AdamTemple's avatar
Shiiit boys! You killed it!
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